OCAU Forum Rules

The OCAU Forums are a privately-owned system with access provided to the public under limited conditions. We reserve the right to revoke your access, without warning or notice, for any reason that we may or may not disclose.

Messages should be posted in the appropriate forum.

Offensive, illegal, abusive or deliberately inflammatory messages are not to be posted.

Adult content of any kind is not to be posted.

Pyramid schemes, affiliate programs or any links containing affiliate identifiers are not to be posted.

Posting the same message in multiple forums is not allowed.

One forum account per user. If your account is banned, you as a person are banned. Multiple accounts believed to be "false" accounts for another will be banned.

Posting personal information about people such as real names, telephone numbers, street/postal addresses and email addresses is not allowed without permission from that person.

Note that the "Private Messaging" system is called "private" to distinguish it from normal public forum posting. Your Private Messages can be viewed by certain OCAU Admins and in certain circumstances (such as investigating a trading complaint) they will be examined to confirm details etc.

Commercial posts or advertisements should only be posted in the Trading Post - vendors may respond to messages in "What/Where Should I Buy?" if they can provide the service or product required. Note that "spamming", excessively promoting your business or promoting your business in a manner that we deem unethical will result in the cancellation of your forum account.

In the Shop & Swap Forums:
If someone posts a 'for sale' thread, no one should jump in and offer a similar item at a cheaper price. They are instead encouraged to start a new thread with their cheaper price and it is up to the reader to keep abreast of new threads. However, of course, other readers are free to discuss/debate pricing within the thread. OCAU has no part in price negotiation in the forums, nor are we responsible for ensuring delivery, quality or even existence of goods advertised, bought or sold in the forums. Buyer beware!

No Discussion of Sunlit/Compugate:
Until further notice, discussions or comments relating to Sunlit, Compugate or the persons Paul Johnson or David Wu (Sunlit directors) are not permitted. The forum software will attempt to automatically blank out the words Sunlit or Compugate if they are used - making variations of these words to bypass this automatic filter is not permitted and may get you banned forever. We do not read every post, but people can report posts to us. If we receive notice that you are discussing Sunlit, Compugate, Paul Johnson or David Wu you will be banned from making further posts on the OCAU forums!

Be reminded that, by becoming a Member of the Overclockers Australia Forum system, you agreed not use the Overclockers Australia Forums to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy or otherwise violative of any law. You agreed not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyrighted on that material is owned by you. You agreed not to link remote images or files unless you have the permission of the file owner and host. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agreed to indemnify and hold anyone else, including Overclockers Australia and the Forum Operators, harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).

Further, by becoming a Member you indicated your agreement that the contents of all messages are the responsibility of the individual message posters and therefore agreed not to hold Overclockers Australia, the Forum Operators or any other entity associated with the Forums responsible or in any way liable for damages of any kind with respect to the content of any message on the Overclockers Australia Forums and to the extent permitted by law you have waived all rights to make any claims against Overclockers Australia, the Forum Operators or any other entity associated with the Forums. You agreed that if you have a complaint about a message contained within the Forums your first and only action will be to notify an Administrator so that we may remove the message if necessary.

If you do not agree to these terms, do not become a member! We wish you much happiness in one of the many other forum systems on the Internet.