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Tuesday Night (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 25-September-2012  19:59:24 (GMT +10) - by booj

Despite selling over 5 million new iPhones in the days since its availability, some analysts are disappointed with the numbers sold. Tight supply would seem to be a major factor though. The total of more than five million units purchased during the first three days in stores compares with four million iPhone 4S units sold during that device's premiere weekend last year. Some analysts had expected Apple to sell eight million or more of the new smartphones over the weekend.

Apple co-founder and computing legend Steve Wozniak wants to become an Australian citizen, and has listed the NBN as one of his reasons. “I support it very much. It’s one of the reasons why I actually like this country and want to become a citizen. I live in a country where we don’t have any regulation of telecommunications.” In Australia for the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 last week, Wozniak told Brisbane’s 4BC breakfast radio that he was “underway to become an Australian citizen”.

There has been a riot at one of the sites operated by troubled electronics manufacturer Foxconn. State-run news media said 5,000 police officers had to be called in to quell a riot that began as a dispute involving a group of workers and security guards at a factory dormitory.

Firefox is ten years old! Has it been that long? It was 10 years ago this week that a proto-Firefox crawled out of the Mozilla code swamp and first appeared on the web. Version 0.1 of what was then known as Phoenix was released Sept. 23, 2002. You can still download the original 0.1 version here

Hitachi has shown off a storage system using quartz glass that it claims will retain data for hundreds of millions of years. The glass has been shown to retain its data undamaged after being heated to 1,000° Celsius (1,832° Fahrenheit) for over two hours, and is impervious to radiation, water, and most forms of chemicals. Hitachi said the data could conceivably be retrievable hundreds of millions of years in the future.

Iran is following through with previously reported plans to move its citizens onto a domestic Internet network. Separately, state television reportedly announced Google's search engine and e-mail would be blocked "within a few hours." Reuters reported. The news service quoted an official only identified as Khoramabadi as saying "Google and Gmail will be filtered throughout the country until further notice."

Bigtosser let us know about a crazy gun battle that erupted after... a dance off! The INN website reported that the two gangs were dining in the same restaurant when "the younger members of both groups danced provocatively at each other in the manner of top hit Gangnam Style". The dance-off escalated into an argument and, eventually, a gun attack in the upmarket Ekkamai neighbourhood, in which one of the gangs fired at least 50 bullets from a carbine and an 11mm gun.

Scientists at the Belgium nuclear research center SCK CEN in Mol are working towards using a particle accelerator to create fast neutrons for the treatment of problematic nuclear waste. By capturing these neutrons, the waste can be transmuted into fission products with much shorter half-lives. The beauty of this concept is that the nuclear waste simultaneously serves as fuel in a sub-critical reactor.

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