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LG Burner Flash 48X - 52X
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Date 14th April 2003
Author Cozzmo
Editor James "Agg" Rolfe

Note from Agg: This isn't really a fully-fledged article as such, just a bit of info that was too big for the news page. Before we go any further - obviously, there is a risk of damaging your drive with this. BIOS flashes always have the potential to go bad, and if they're interrupted then you usually have yourself a paperweight. This article is for your entertainment only and we take no responsibility if you break your drive or PC or legs.

I have got an LG 8481B CD-RW drive that is capable of 48/24/48. The new model of LG CD-RW drive has been released and you linked to a review of the 8520B drive which is a 52/24/52 speed drive. It's a bit pointless really 'coz i never burn that fast, but hey, i know there are people out there who will mod anything in the slightest way! I figured that there would not be much difference between the new and old models after having successfully flashed a friend's LG drive from 32x to 40x a while ago after reading the guide on OCAU. The files linked below are the exact files I used to complete the process.

Below is the procedure I went through to flash the drive:

  1. Unzip the 8481B firware upgrade EXE file.
  2. Put the "8520B104.hex" file in the same folder.
  3. Execute the 8481B flash upgrade, allow it to flash the drive to the new v1.04 firmware, which must be successful!
  4. Once complete, click the "browse" button, locate the "8520B104.hex" file and select it.
  5. Press upgrade!!
All done. A reboot is recommended although with a hardware refresh in WindowsXP it picked up the "new" CD-RW drive without problems. I don't have any 52x media, so i just burned a full 700MB CD @ 40x (max speed of the media i have) to test that the drive still worked after the upgrade, which it did work perfectly.)

This RAR file has all the files required inside it to do the upgrade. These are the exact files i used off my HDD. The EXE file must not be run from the archive or it may give a "CD-ROM not correct model" type error.

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All original content copyright James Rolfe.
All rights reserved. No reproduction allowed without written permission.
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