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Date 24th September 2004
Author Various OCAU Readers
Editor James "Agg" Rolfe

Agg Note: Back in 1999 when OCAU was first starting, I received plenty of small snippets of info from readers, which I tucked away into our "Tech Stuff" section. This article combines the first few tidbits into one, as part of our current article/review system.

26-Aug-99 - Alan G. from Adelaide dropped me a note to say:

The MS6163 board is tight for space between CPU and RAM sockets - the Cooltium CPU fan actually overhangs the nearest RAM slot. Just as well I'm using a single 128Mb stick.

It's pretty common for big socket370 coolers to block a ram slot on the Slot1 boards - on my Aopen AX6BC-Pro the GlobalWin CPM25603-16/32 don't block any slots, but the FDP/FEP-32's do block 1 slot off completely. Something to keep in mind when planning a system.

27-Aug-99 - Kurt offered some info for AMD overclockers:

I am running an AMD K6-2 300. I decided on this setup mainly for economic reasons. I upgraded from a cyrix pr200 (I used my AT case) but also because I like to give the underdog a go. I also run standard sdram, as pc100 is out of my price range at the moment, I think that faster memory (and more of it) would increase performance and will get some when dollars allow it.

The Gear.
CPU: AMD K6-2 300 at 4x100
M/B: DFI P5BV3+ rev B (I found this to be very configurable and pretty cheap)
RAM: 64meg sdram (generic)
Graphics: 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee AGP (generic)

ZD CPUmark99: 25.8 (this varies a fair bit, but this is fairly average)

ZDSpeedRate: Processor - 1192
Graphics - 997

SiSoft Sandra99 pro:
CPU Benchmark: Drystone - 1148 mips
Whetstone - 476 mflops
CPU Multimedia: Integer MMX -1063 it/s
Floating Point 3dnow - 795 it/s

3DMark 99Pro:3dMarks - 2583
CPU 3dMarks - 5643

I first clocked the CPU stably to 350 (3.5x100) and found it would run at 380 (4x95) but was very unstable. I boosted the core voltage from 2.2v to 2.3v and was able to get it to run stably at 4x100. At this speed it ran very hot when worked hard(around 35deg) and became unstable above 38deg. However by running CPUIdle and mounting a power supply fan inside my case it now runs stably in the low 20's at 400 (as stable as a win98 machine can anyway).

I have tried a few different combinations to get it to run faster, but it either isn't stable or doesn't perform as well. I've settled for the 400 which is quite high for a $175 (now $85) processor. It will have to do until I can afford an AMD K7.

30-Aug-99 - Glen E. from Vic offered his experience with dual celerons on a slot1 board:

Asus P2BD-S Motherboard - dual with SCSI and Celerons 366's with Gigabyte GA-6R7 Adaptors - dual CPU operation straight off in BEOS, Winnt4 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server but no voltage selection available on slockets - 66 or 100 only. Very stable at 2.0v and 83mhz

with Eagle PPGA adaptor kit - no dual operation at all!

with iWill slockets - perfect. Voltage completely steppable via
jumpers and dual operation no problem at 83mhz. (2.0v)

100mhz bus speed at 2.2v creates too much heat for standard fans so have to run at 83 until I can get some better fans.

These articles originally appeared here, here and here.


All original content copyright James Rolfe.
All rights reserved. No reproduction allowed without written permission.
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