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OCAU Historical Articles #2
Date 20th April 2005
Author Various OCAU Readers
Editor James "Agg" Rolfe

Agg Note: Back in 1999 when OCAU was first starting, I received plenty of small snippets of info from readers, which I tucked away into our "Tech Stuff" section. This article combines a few tidbits into one, as part of our current article/review system. There's more in an earlier "Historical Articles" article here.

07-Sep-99 - Zach from Victoria's idea for stopping peltier condensation:

As far as condensation goes...I have used a small piece of foam material (usually this stuff can be found under your motherboard when you purchase it (If you can't blow through it...then it will do)...I cut a square bigger than the peltier....then a smaller one in the middle (for the CPU core), then I trimmed an indentation around the cpu hole for the peltier to fit in exactly, so it is completely sealed against the top of the heatsink....I will be opening it up after work today (It has been running some FPU maxing tasks since about 8pm yesterday), so I will check for moisture then). As far as peltiers go...I have had limited sucess even finding them in Victoria for a reasonable price. (I bought the last one from the guy who did have them).

27-Sep-99 - Viper shared his experience with an AMD K6-II 400..

After overclocking my Cyrix 233 to 333 i decided it was time to buy a new cpu, an amd k6-II 400. I was able to overclock it to 450 with no troubles by incresing the voltage from 2.2 to 2.5. After mucking around with settings I found I could not overclock it above 475 (5x95) so i settled with that for a while. I wanted to get more out if the k6-II 400 but the only thing left was to raise the voltage even more. I decided to go to the next setting of 2.8 volts (a bit high when it is meant to be at 2.2) and I was over the moon when i discovered that at 2.3 volts i could get to 525, (5.5x95). With setting of 550 and 564 the system would not even boot, which tells me i have reached the limit of the k6-II 400, well at least at 2.8 volts.

Oh and by the way I have a very large heatsink with two 6cm fans on it, and an 8cm fan in the case blowing on the side of the heatsink, and as im writting this the cpu is at a stable 36 C

SiSoft Sandra99 pro:
CPU Benchmark: Drystone - 1377 mips
Whetstone - 592 mflops
CPU Multimedia: Integer MMX -1301 it/s
Floating Point 3dnow - 971 it/s

CPU: AMD K6-2 400 at 5x100
M/B: Aopen AX59 pro (it was the best so i got it)
RAM: 64meg sdram pc100
Graphics: 3Dfx Voodoo 2

2.8v! That's a lotta volts..

10-Oct-99 - Teo's making me jealous with his passive-cooled C366 at 605MHz..

My celeron has been sold to me from infomaniak, Milano, Italy, Europe. NOw he'selling p3 450 overclocked to 600 or even 630mhz (bus 140mhz!!). Anyway, I cooled my Cel, mounted on Abit BE6 with a "slocket 370" with four coolers. One behind, one on front, one up and one by its side.

here's the celeron data:

128 sl36c
overclocked using an abit be6 (formerly an abit bx20) at 2.2 volt.

So many fans for such a tiny little heatsink.. :) Check out Teo (subway)'s own hardware info site at web.tiscalinet.it/subway.

These articles originally appeared here, here and here.


All original content copyright James Rolfe.
All rights reserved. No reproduction allowed without written permission.
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