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Drew's got more fans than you. Yes he does.
Date 7th October 1999
Author Drew
Editor James "Agg" Rolfe

Drew sent some info on his hovercr.. err, computer. :)

Well this is my system. I have 14 fans running so far . 6 fans sucking air in on the bottom 2 fans blowing out then another two at the very top sucking in. I have a alpha on one cpu waiting for a second cpu and have a cpu fan attached to the alpha sucking air away and a cpu fan on the bx green heatsink and a case fan, I was bored..

Actually it doesn't make that much noise - sounds like a standard fan you'd use to cool your house and I used garden wire to tie them together. The case is an iwin full with 300 watt. I have a extra PS that im gonna run on top of the main PS and have the fans run off that . I just slide then between the backing and the part used to screw the cards into the case. I'm waiting for the second cpu to tie the top 4 fans on. It says in Sandra that the cpu is 30.0 degrees Celsius and 86 degrees Fahrenheit . Its running 366 @ 550 at 2.0 volts. And is a Malaysia week 16.

I'm speechless. Go on, someone make a rig with more fans than this. I dare you. :) Check out the full specs of Drew's system on his homepage here. (Drew - you should probably credit Al, the guy who made the wallpaper you're using for a backdrop). Note how Drew calls the Celeron the "Poor Man's Xeon". :) Pretty cool setup, Drew (you can decide for yourself if that pun was intended or not).. but I gotta say, I just don't believe you when you say it doesn't make much noise.. :)

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