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Ogier's modded BP6 system
Date 21st October 1999
Author Ogier
Editor James "Agg" Rolfe

21-Oct-99 Ogier's system with some very cool case mods..

The pipes were found under the house and are about 5cm or 2 inches in diameter. They very snugly fit onto the standard Intel Fan shroud, so received some massaging with a sharp knife on their inner dimensions. The fans are from my C300A's aftermarket heatsink and the screws perfectly fitted over the pipes, holding them on. A funnel cut to the right sizes would allow an 8cm fan to be attached!

This pic shows how the cutout in the pipe bridges the raised power lead section on the fan shroud.

Both ram tubes fitted to the CPUs - this configuration has dropped my CPU temps by 15 degrees C! And I can close my case up to reduce the noise |-)

With some imagination, you can see my Power Bus which the fans plug into. This is a 8 terminal speaker plug which I bought from Tandy, rearranged the connectors and wired into a pass through PC power connector. I used a piece of Tyco Slot car track as a backing plate and wood screws in the standard mounting holes went through the slot car track and lined up perfectly with 2 holes in the power supply.

This was an experiment with the fan from my girlfriends hair dryer (it had already blown up - honest).

Gives you an idea of the size compared to an 8cm case fan. The 'blower' has a smaller fan, but the motor is about twice as deep. When I say blower, I mean blower! The motor runs as well straight of 12V as it does in the 240VAC that the hair dryer gets. Also visible (just) is an old 486 fan on the HS of the AGP graphics card, as well as an old damaged CPU fan velcroed on top of the V550 card to help circulate some air.

My naked system which currently has: Panasonic 8x4writer, 4Gb SCSI HD, 6Gb IBM IDE, 4Gb Quantum HD, Syquest 270Mb cartridge, 400Mb SCSI HD, Diamond Viper550, SCSI card, SB LIve!, NIC, TV Tuner and of course Dual Celeron 366 @ 550 on a BP6, 3x 8cm case fans, 300W PS, plus 6x miscellaneous fans (including CPUs).

The front of my case - $150 from the local PC shop with 300W PS. I got bored and had an extra fan, so used it here, and cut out the slot covers to fit. You can see the ram tubes from the CPU, which only protrude 4 cm or so. I was at a Lan Party recently and transporting the case wasn't too bad - I simply pulled the tubes out to avoid damage.

At the end of it all, I've discovered how easy it is to work with plastic. And for help and inspiration, I have to thank John the CarMucker.

This article originally appeared here.


All original content copyright James Rolfe.
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