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Sydney Consumer Electronics show.
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Date 18 June 2002
Author Dean "Darkness" Symons

Fridges and flatsceens. Oh my!

The Sydney Consumer Electronics show was on over the past few days and I was lucky enough to get out there and have a look around at some new gizmo's and gadget's that some of the major companies have to offer. Some were new and some were old so I just walked around and snapped away at things that looked to be of any interest. Any information we grabbed will be listed below where as some we just took a few piccies and moved on.

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After paying my $13 and walking into the main arena swiftly walking past the main Big Brother stands we were greeted with a live presentation of LG's Internet ready fridge. It boasts a 15.1 inch LCD touchscreen mounted on the right side door and a 56K modem or Ethernet port for connectivity. Powered by a Pentium III 100MHz (?) with a 10Gb hard disk coming with 64Mb of RAM running with no real surprise a Microsoft OS, Windows 98. Also coming with a USB port on the back of the fridge which lets you hook up a keyboard, printer or any form of other compatible device. But that's not all, for those of you who can't quite get enough of fancy gadgets, the Fridge comes stock standard with a TV tuner, FM radio, MP3 player and even a digital camera. The fridge can also contact home base in the event of a technical error. The mind boggles.

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Pic1 : Unfortunately, She doesn't come with the fridge.
Pic2 : A mate getting his photo taken via the fridge.

The whole show was split up into 2 main halls and a foyer. Both halls having no real, well obvious, theme. Each filled with stands from various companies such as Bose, Sony, JBL, Yamaha, LG and many more. You were free to wander around and talk to whom ever you please and try out any products that were on display.

After a little walking around we managed to snap some photos of just things that caught our eye as we walked past. One of these things was located in the 'House of the future' setup, It being the Panasonic TC-11LV1 player. This is a 15" flat screen player perfect for sitting on your desk or table built for watching TV and DVD's. It has its own built in DVD player and 181 channel NTSC tuner with a built in Dolby Digital Surround sound decoder ready to be hooked up to your super cool home theater system, which we all have, right?

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Complete with small sensors, the TC-11LV1 circuitry automatically detects the brightness levels from your signal and adjusts the backlight accordingly giving you an enhanced picture and brightness levels for light and dark environments and scenes. These little players were said to be selling for around $2000-$3000 AUD.


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