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February 2011
Monday Night Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 28-February-2011  23:19:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Audio Visual:
Blue Snowball Microphone on TBreak.
Iogear GUWAVKIT Wireless Audio Video Kit on FutureLooks.
Patriot PBO Core Media Player on OCOnline.
Logitech F540 Wireless PS3/XBOX360 Headset on MadShimps.
RAZER Ferox Mobile Gaming & Music Speakers on MadShimps.

Motherboard & CPU:
Intel Core i7 990X Hexcore 1366 CPU on OC3D.
GIGABYTE G1 Assassin (Intel X58 Express) Motherboard on Tweaktown.

Video Cards:
ASUS HD6950 2GB DirectCU II on Vortez.
ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II SLI on Guru3D.

Input Etc:
Roccat Kone Plus Gaming Mouse on Tech-Reviews.
Thermaltake Meka G1 Gaming Keyboard on OCClub.
Razer Naga Molten SE MMO Mouse on TBreak.

Portable & Prebuilt:
Lenovo ThinkPad EDGE 13 notebook on InsideHW.
HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 Smartphone on Techgage.

TRENDnet TEW-687GA 450Mbps Wireless N Gaming Adapter on MadShrimps.
Antec LanBoy Air testbed case on FunkyKit.
OCZ ZX Series 850w Power Supply on OCIA.
OCZ Vertex 3 240GB Solid State Drive on ThinkComputers.
Evercool Transformer 4 Plus CPU cooler on PureOC.

Sunday Night (10 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 27-February-2011  21:08:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The new Mortal Kombat game has been refused classification, essentially banning it in Australia, thanks Matt. The granting of another RC to a video game clearly designed and targeted at ADULTS again highlights the shortcomings of the current classification scheme. In particular, the absence of an adult classification. More here and discussion here.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will be extradited to Sweden unless a recent court decision is appealed successfully, thanks CAPS LOCK. Defense attorneys have claimed that Assange would not get a fair trial in Sweden, because rape trials in that country are sometimes held behind closed doors. They have also argued that Assange could somehow find himself extradited to the United States, where, they theorize, he could face execution for leaking secrets.

Nintendo launched the 3DS in Japan this weekend, and presumably sold out almost instantly. Some of those sales were to customers waiting in a few lines up to 2,000 persons long, but those lines were exceptions to the norm -- several publications note that very few stores actually had any lines to speak of, as most Japanese electronics retailers sold out when the 3DS went on pre-order over a month ago.

Researchers have created a one cubic millimetre computer to be implanted into the eye to help glaucoma patients monitor the progression of their illness. In a package that's just over 1 cubic millimeter, the system fits an ultra low-power microprocessor, a pressure sensor, memory, a thin-film battery, a solar cell and a wireless radio with an antenna that can transmit data to an external reader device that would be held near the eye.

PC World take a look back at Photoshop, on its 21st birthday. John, who was working at George Lucas' Industrial Sound & Magic, suggested to his brother that they turned Display into a more feature-rich fully-fledged image editing program. From here the two worked together, combining Thomas' engineering background with his brothers design experience.

ArsTechnica have some more info on the AFACT vs iiNet result. Malone said in a statement after the new ruling that movie companies' best defense against piracy was more legitimate outlets for content. "We urge the Australian film industry to address the growing demand for studio content to be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner to consumers and we remain eager to work with them to make this material available legitimately," he said.

They also have a closer look at Intel's Thunderbolt technology. In its initial out-of-the-lab incarnation, Thunderbolt can use either copper or fiber connections for 10Gbps bidirectional communication. That speed is 20 times faster than the theoretical limit of USB 2.0, 12 times faster than FireWire 800, and twice as fast as USB3. According to Intel, however, the 10Gbps isn't just a theoretical peak speed, but usable bandwidth. This allows a single port to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously for a combined throughput of 10Gbps.

IntelInside sent more info on Apple's new MacBook Pros with Thunderbolt technology. More here, here and here. Developed under the code name Light Peak, Thunderbolt is an example of I/O technology, which means that it offers a two-way transfer or data between your computer and other electronic devices.

A few people sent in this probably NSFW video of a new game from Ubisoft which seems to be promoting some kind of spanky Wii orgy. Let's hope that's the last time I use that particular phrase on the news page..

Sunday Afternoon Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 27-February-2011  15:11:19 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
GIGABYTE's X58A-OC motherboard gets full introduction on video on Tweaktown.
Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 Fusion Motherboard on Bjorn3D.
ECS A890GXM-A2 AM3 board on OCClub.
Intel Previews 32nm Itanium "Poulson" Processor on HotHardware.
Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini E350 APU Mainboard on OCClub.
MSI XPower LGA1366 board on XbitLabs.

Audio Visual:
Boxee Box media player on DigitalTrends.
Edifier Sound To Go (MP250) portable micro speakers on DigitalTrends.
a-JAYS Four iPhone headset on RBMods.
Corsair HS1A Gaming Headset on NeoSeeker.

Portable & Prebuilt:
iDapt i4 Universal Charging Station on TestFreaks.
Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve on DVHardware.
Sapphire EDGE-HD Mini PC on Tweaktown.
iChair iPad Case on TestFreaks.
HTC Freestyle smartphone on TechReviewSource.
Gateway SX2851-41 slimline desktop on TechReviewSource.
Sony VAIO S laptop on BusinessComputingWorld.

Deepcool Ice Matrix 400 CPU cooler on OCOnline.
Evercool HPL 815 Low profile HTPC CPU cooler on RBMods.
GELID Wing 12 120mm UV Case Fan on eTeknix.
Antec KÜHLER H2O 620 on Tweaknews.
Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 PRO CPU Cooler on Tweaktown.
Thermalright Silver Arrow CPU Cooler on BenchmarkReviews.
Spire Slimod II GPU Cooler on XSReviews.

SilverStone Milo ML03 HTPC on Phoronix.
HDPLEX H10 Fanless microATX on SilentPCReview.
In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower on Pro-Clockers.
NZXT Panzerbox on TechReviewSource.
In Win Griffin on TechWareLabs.
Antec Six Hundred V2 on LegitReviews.
Antec DF-85 on TechPowerUp.
NZXT Tempest EVO on NeoSeeker.
Sentey Optimus Mid-Tower on HWSecrets.
NZXT ZERO 2 - Gaming Chassis on TechReaction.
Antec LanBoy Air on TechSpot.
Lian-Li PC-C50 HTPC Case on TechWareLabs.

Input Etc:
Koribo Vivar Wireless Keyboard on TestFreaks.
Cooler Master Storm Spawn Optical Mouse on APHNetworks.
Mionix Propus 380 on PureOC.

Kingston SSDNow V100 128GB SSD on LegitReviews.
SandForce SF-2000 Series Client Launch on Tweaktown.
OCZ Technology RevoDrive 50GB PCI Express SSD on BigBruin.
OCZ Vertex 3 240GB on PureOC.
Synology Disk Station DS211 on LegionHW.

Video Cards:
Gigabyte GTX560 Ti SOC on OC3D.
MSI Radeon 6870 HAWK on Guru3D.
Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Intel HD Graphics 2000 on XbitLabs.
ASUS HD 6870 DirectCU on XbitLabs.

Edimax ES5500 G Gigabit Switch on XSReviews.
Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer PC3-12800 4GB Memory Kit on Tweaktown.
Corsair TX850 V2 and TX750 V2 Power Supplies on HWHeaven.

Misc Pics (38 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 25-February-2011  13:24:06 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Early today - enjoy!

And if you're after more, check out this Wiki page which lists ALL "misc pics" news posts from the archive.

Folding @ Home Challenge (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 25-February-2011  13:03:25 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's another Team OCAU Folding @ Home Challenge on next month. You can win yourself a video card or an OCAU mug by participating. The February Challenge is still underway, but now's the time to register for the March one.

If you have no idea how to start Folding @ Home, which uses your PC's idle CPU & GPU cycles to hunt for cures to diseases, here's an easy start guide.

Friday Midday (4 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 25-February-2011  12:18:10 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Space shuttle Discovery has reached orbit and is on its way to the International Space Station. "Good to be here," Discovery Commander Steve Lindsey radioed soon after the three main engines shut off and the external fuel tank was jettisoned. One crew member is going up in the cargo bay - it's the first humanoid robot in orbit. Open the pod bay doors, Robonaut.

Intel have released Thunderbolt Technology which was previously known by the code name Light Peak. It's a 10Gbps dual-channel cable connection. Thunderbolt technology enables using the thinnest and lightest laptops and connecting to the extra power and performance of other devices when needed, using a single cable. Adding new performance devices is simple and easy—just plug and play—making Thunderbolt technology powerful and flexible. Thunderbolt technology was specifically designed with professional audio and video applications in mind, where the inherently low latency and highly accurate time synchronization features play a crucial role. Apple are technical partner and have some info too, and there's some coverage on PC Perspective.

OCZ has released the Vertex 3 series of SSDs, using the new SandForce SF-2000 controller. Reviews on LegitReviews, TheSSDReview (and here), Tweaktown, BenchmarkReviews, OCIA, HotHardware, PC Perspective and HWHeaven.

There's a new version of MSI Afterburner. The new version of Afterburner not only supports the latest NVIDIA GeForce 500 and AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards, but also adds the Predator in-games video capture function. Gamers can now capture all of their most intense moments in their favorite games and share them with the world on sites like YouTube.

Forum Projects (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 24-February-2011  21:12:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some more interesting things from the forums. Remember if you see anything cool in your travels, send the link to news@overclockers.com.au and we'll check it out!

Uncle-Fester reports on
fun and games at a LAN

slipperyskip has
a new worklog

coolmiester has an
impressive water-cooled PC

while brayway's PC got
a little bit ghetto

bundymania compared 3
enormous radiators

and Phatboy69 has a
watercooled monster

Thursday Night (4 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 24-February-2011  20:41:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Those spammers don't miss a trick, do they: Letter from President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. I resigned as the Egyptian President on the 11th of Feb 2011. I have some deposited amount of money In Bank In New York, which I will like you change the ownership to you and have the money moved immediately to you in your country in Cash (US$56Million) through a high Diplomatic Service. heh.

From IntelInside: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 has been released. If you have more than one computer to update, it can be downloaded from here, or as stated on that page "A smaller, more appropriate download is now available on Windows Update.".

AFACT have lost to iiNet again in their continuing copyright battle. The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, or AFACT, which is representing the movie studios but is not a party to the case, was appealing against Justice Dennis Cowdroy's decision on Febuary 4, 2010, which found an ISP was not liable for the downloading habits of its customers.

Axe_2_Gr1nd reminds us that the Space Shuttle Discovery launches tomorrow morning our time, for its final mission, and the second-last Shuttle mission ever. Info here, here and here. You can watch it on NASA TV on the web.

Vietnam has apparently banned late-night online gaming. All ISPs in the country have been contacted by the Ministry of Information and Communication telling them to switch off access to online games between the hours of 10pm and 8am every day. Such limits have to be in place by March 3.

ITNews have another analysis of Stuxnet. The extent of the damage will probably never be known to those outside the enrichment program. The Iranian Government has admitted to its nuclear enrichment program being set back by the Stuxnet virus - but has not gone into a great amount of detail.

Microsoft continue to embrace Kinect modders. The company is to release a software development kit in the spring, which will give developers access to the secrets behind the technology. For now it will only be for personal use, but Microsoft says it will release a commercial version in due course.

Here's a fairly impressive gaming chair made out of a Mini. After two years of hard work he has designed a multi-function console that too out of the front end of a Mini. Extending the flexibility to croon to your favorite tunes, watch film and play Xbox and PS3, this sure will make you experience that adrenaline rush.

A few people pointed out that MacTalk, which we've long considered a "sister" site to OCAU, is for sale. Some news coverage here and here. Seems to be genuine, and the owner explains his reasons here. Now, a few people have asked if I'm interested in buying it, and although I only found out about the sale today, I have spent a little time thinking about it. It would be a logical way to expand OCAU, or rather to develop another online franchise next to OCAU, and cross-promote the communities etc. But realistically, I have enough trouble keeping all of OCAU's plates spinning, I'm not involved enough in the Apple side of the industry, and I don't have the money anyway. So all the best to Anthony, and to whoever the new owners end up being. :)

Thursday Evening Reviews (2 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 24-February-2011  20:19:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Corsair Performance 3 Series 256GB Solid State Drive on Tweaktown.
OCZ RevoDrive 80GB on Bjorn3D.

Video Cards:
Gainward GeForce GTX 570 1280MB 'Phantom' on iXBTLabs, our review here.
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 On Linux on Phoronix.
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 FleX 1GB on Tweaktown.

Input Etc:
Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball on EverythingUSB.
SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard on TechReviewSource.

Portable & Prebuilt:
BlackBerry Torch 9800: The Olympic Torch on InsideHW.
Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC/HTPC on TechWareLabs.

Power Supply:
Silver Power SP-SS500 on Tech-Reviews.
XFX PRO 850W on HWSecrets.

Gigabyte G1 Assassin Motherboard (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 23-February-2011  21:27:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sin0822 has posted a very detailed look at the Gigabyte G1 Assassin motherboard. It's bristling with features, and I don't just mean the machine-gun heatsinks..

Click for the review!

Wednesday Night (2 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 23-February-2011  21:14:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The opening round of the 2011 Formula One championship has been scrapped, due to the civil unrest in Bahrain. The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) announced on Monday that the Kingdom of Bahrain would withdraw from hosting the opening round of the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship so that the country can focus on its process of national dialogue. More here, and if you want to keep an eye on the 2011 motorsport calendar, we have one in the wiki here.

The Full Bench of the Federal Court will probably hand down their judgement in the iiNet vs AFACT case tomorrow. Yes, it's still going on, and it will probably keep going on. The Full Bench appeal was an important escalation in the high-profile case, but the verdict is unlikely to resolve the battle. It is widely expected that the party on the wrong end of tomorrow's verdict would lodge a further appeal with the High Court in Canberra.

AMD's marketing people are doing their best to capitalise on the Sandy Bridge recall, as is understandable, thanks dasuperham. This week we finally see the full on blitz that AMD has been able to prepare. The “Ready. Willing. And Stable” ad campaign is actually one of the first that AMD has done aimed directly at consumers.

Samson sent in this video which is quite impressive. The "behind the scenes" video is interesting too. He says he was reminded of it by the Dead Island trailer, except there's no zombies in this one. :)

Metku have a bit of an oddball modding project. I was contacted by a commercial TV channel here in Finland, the MTV3 to build a prize for a competition. There were three components that I was asked to marry together; a Mobira mobile phone (Talkman), an Apple iPhone and a refrigerator. This acticle covers the process on building this thing that later came to be called - the iTalkman.

Wonkette have a story about a Wikipedia sighting. We checked out the state capitol building, and noticed that next to the statue of their first governor, there is a pedestal with his biography pasted on it for reading pleasure. The biography is literally just two pages printed directly from Wikipedia, with the URL and everything at the bottom.

Symon sent in this photo of the Moon, the most detailed picture yet. Now you can, thanks to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has just delivered the highest-res photo ever taken of our closest companion. Well, at least one side of it. But it's still spectacular - a 24,000 x 24,000 pixel compilation cobbled together from more than 1300 images.

An Egyptian man has named his daughter Facebook in honour of social media's role in the revolution. A young man in his twenties wanted to express his gratitude about the victories the youth of 25th of January have achieved and chose to express it in the form of naming his firstborn girl “Facebook” Jamal Ibrahim (his name.) The girl’s family, friends, and neighbors in the Ibrahimya region gathered around the new born to express their continuing support for the revolution that started on Facebook.

OCAU forums member metamorphosis has written a song in support of the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. You can download for free, or a donation to Red Cross New Zealand.

Wednesday Evening Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 23-February-2011  20:39:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Audio Visual:
Jabra Stone 2 bluetooth headset on TBreak.
Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker System on Tweaknews.
Nikon D7000 digicam on DigitalTrends.
Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G sound card on XSReviews.
Boxee Box HD Media Player on HotHardware.

Motherboard & CPU:
ECS H67H2-M Black Motherboard on MadShrimps.
ECS P67H2-A LGA 1155 ATX Motherboard on PCPerspective.

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler on NeoSeeker.
Deepcool V6000 VGA Cooler on HWSecrets.
Thermalright Silver Arrow Dual 14cm Fan Cooler on SilentPCReview.

Power Supply:
OCZ ZX Series 850W on HWSecrets.
Antec High Current Gamer HCG-750 on Pro-Clockers.

Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1866 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit on ThinkComputers.
G.Skill Ripjaws-X 4GB DDR3-2133 on PureOC.
Patriot G2 Series PC3-12800 8GB Kit on Tweaktown.

Video Cards:
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Flex on NinjaLane.
PowerColor AX6950 PCS++ on BenchmarkReviews.
XFX Radeon HD 6850 Black Edition on LegitReviews.
Zotac Geforce GTX 560 Ti (1Gb GDDR5) on FunkyKit.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC game on Techgage.
Motorola Atrix 4G Smartphone Performance Benchmarks on LegitReviews.
Wesena ITX7 Mini-ITX HTPC Chassis on MissingRemote.
Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Mouse pad on TestFreaks.

Wednesday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 23-February-2011  02:37:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

All the best to the folks caught up in the New Zealand Earthquake. Paul sent in this interactive map showing the recent quakes.

Google is backing a contest to make a Moon rover. The final line-up of teams competing for the $30 million (£18.5m) robotic Moon-explorer prize has been confirmed. The prize will go to the builders of the first robot to send back video as it travels over 500 metres of the Moon's surface.

HWSecrets have a thermal paste comparo. The thermal compound, also known as thermal grease, is a key component to get the best cooling performance for your CPU. But are certain products better than others? In order to check this out, we tested thermal compounds from five different brands: Zalman, Prolimatech, Cooler Master, Evercool, and Spire. Let's see what we've learned from this round-up.

A Net Neutrality bill has been rejected in the USA. House Republicans have managed to pull off a high profile rejection of a key tech-related component of the Obama administration's initiatives. In control of the House for the first time in four years, Republicans have voted to overturn so-called "net neutrality" rules proposed earlier this year by the Obama administration.

CRN have an interview with Stephen Conroy. CRN: What's been the most important development in IT/communications in the past decade? SC: The iPod, iPhone, iPad and iTunes store have proved you can monetise online commerce.

Mpot spotted this neat SSD tablet conversion. But simply dropping in an SSD isn’t going to make things faster. That’s because the stock drive uses a PATA interface. After a bit of snooping [Marek] discovered that the motherboard has a SATA interface that has a bridge connecting to the PATA plug. By removing the bridge and soldering a SATA cable to the board he was able to improve performance while increasing storage capacity at the same time.

Today's timewaster is Blocks, but I can't see how to turn the music off.

Wednesday Morning Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 23-February-2011  01:00:58 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
Gigabyte P67A-UD4 LGA1155 board on TechReaction.
ASUS E35 M1-M Pro / AMD E-350 on LostCircuits.
AMD's E-350 Fusion APU on the desktop on Tech Report.
Sapphire Pure Black P67 Motherboard on NinjaLane.
Gigabyte G1 Assassin X58 board on OC3D.
AMD Phenom II X4 975 3.60GHz AM3 Processor on eTeknix.

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Black PC3-12800 on OCIA.
Viking Modular 25GB SLC SATADIMM on TheSSDReview.
Kingston HyperX T1 Series PC3-17066 8GB Kit on Tweaktown.

Video Cards:
Palit GTX 570 Sonic Platinum on OCClub.
Sapphire Radeon 6870 FleX Edition on PureOC.
Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 1GB on Tweaktown.
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Vapor-X on TechGage.
Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti Sonic on Guru3D.

Audio VIsual:
Playon!HD 2 Network Media Player on HWHeaven.
SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth Speaker on TBreak.
Veebeam HD media streamer on TestFreaks.
Thermaltake eSPORTS Shock One Gaming Headset on Tweaktown.

Input Etc:
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse on HWSecrets.
Canon Mark 1 M Mouse on TBreak.
Koribo Leira Wireless Keyboard on TestFreaks.
Tt eSPORTS Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard on APHNetworks.
Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun on eTeknix.
Tt eSPORTS Black Laser Mouse on APHNetworks.

Corsair Graphite 600T on BenchmarkReviews.
NZXT Phantom on TechReaction.
In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower on ThinkComputers.
NZXT Phantom on Tweaknews.
In Win Dragon Rider on PureOC.
In Win Dragon Rider on TechPowerUp.

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler on Pro-Clockers.
XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 WaterCooling Kit on OC3D.

Portable & Prebuilt:
Lenovo ThinkPad X120e Review: AMD Fusion Infused on HotHardware.
Speck TuckPack laptop bag on DragonSteelMods.
HTC Desire Z Telstra NEXTG Compatible QWERTY Keyboard Android Phone on RamblingThoughts.
Sony VAIO VPC-YB15KX/S notebook on TechReviewSource.
Toshiba Mini NB505 notebook on TechReviewSource.

Trendnet TPL-401E2K Powerline AV Kit on RBMods.
HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus on TBreak.
TRENDnet TEW-691GR 450Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router on ThinkComputers.
Adobe Acrobat X Pro on BusinessComputingWorld.
PQI 64GB SDXC Class 10 Flash Memory Card on LegitReviews.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC game on GamingHeaven.
Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus 1,000W on PCPerspective.

Corsair Hydro Series H70 CPU Cooler (11 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 21-February-2011  15:03:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Today from DiGiTaL MoNkEY we have a review of Corsair's Hydro Series H70 CPU watercooler. This is a pre-assembled waterblock and radiator arrangement, superceding their popular H50.

Click for the review!

Monday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 21-February-2011  13:22:50 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Voting is now open in our Armageddon Expo Superhero Contest! Remember, the Armageddon Expo is on NEXT WEEKEND in Sydney, and next month in Adelaide. Armageddon Expo has to be seen to be believed, and is a must for anyone interested in imagination just beyond our reach. Gaming, comics, wrestling, TV and movie stars, anime and sci-fi lovers and celebrities alike converge on the one venue to celebrate all that is freakishly fabulous about the cult of weird and wonderful entertainment. Tickets at the door or through Ticketek.

OCZ have announced their transition to 25nm NAND SSDs. This news has been met with a mixed response, with people complaining of poor performance. StorageReview have compared two versions of the Vertex 2. There's a response (although oddly pre-dating the earlier announcement) from OCZ here, where it seems people can trade back to the earlier, higher-performance 34nm units. Meanwhile Anandtech and others checked out the upcoming Vertex 3 Pro.

The ACMA have concluded their 3D TV broadcast review. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has concluded a review of consumer, reception, interference and technical issues surrounding the broadcast of 3D TV in Australia. The Australian regulatory body has released a new set of guidelines for further trials of 3D TV broadcasting in Australia, which it will continue to consider and authorise on a case-by-case basis.

The Guardian wonder if another dotcom bubble is on the way. The leaps in valuation are dizzying. At its current on-paper price, Facebook's value is somewhere between that of Ford ($55bn) and Visa ($63bn). But that's still less than a third of Google's value, Facebook's arch-rival in the battle for domination on the internet.

People with book vouchers for the troubled book retailers Angus & Robertson and Borders, are miffed at a change in the voucher rules. Customers attempting to use gift vouchers are being told they have to spend double the value of each certificate. No legal action can be taken against the company because it is in voluntary administration.

The NSW Ambulance Service recently suffered a virus outbreak, shutting down the dispatch system for 24h. The virus crept into the Ambulance Service of NSW's dispatch system at 1pm (AEDT) on Saturday, prompting staff to coordinate paramedics by telephone and handwritten notes. Despite the shutdown, senior managers said no lives were put in danger and all triple-zero calls were answered.

The Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled for its final launch on Thursday. Steve Bowen replaced Tim Kopra as Mission Specialist 2 following a bicycle injury on Jan. 15 that prohibited Kopra from supporting the launch window. Bowen last flew on Atlantis in May 2010 as part of the STS-132 crew. Flying on the STS-133 mission will make Bowen the first astronaut ever to fly on consecutive missions.

Today's timewaster is interlocked, a 3D puzzle game.

OCZ RevoDrive and Vertex 2 120GB SSDs (22 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 20-February-2011  19:41:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

DiGiTaL MoNkEY has taken a look at two 120GB Solid State Drives from OCZ. They're two very different approaches to the SSD concept, with the Vertex 2 being a conventional 2.5" SATA drive, and the RevoDrive being a PCI-E card with onboard RAID. Read on to see how they compare to a conventional mechanical drive and an older SSD:

Click for the review!

Geek Food (4 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 20-February-2011  13:06:05 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's some yummy things from our Geek Food forum:

Jelly Belly Slice
by Paul Warren

by Ingy and scon

Bacon Explosion
by Sven76

Sweet Soy Chicken Stir Fry
by Tomee

Burritos from Scratch
by glasnt

Wine and Balsamic Steak
by Tomee

Breakfast Pizza
by 303-Acid

Scones / Biscuits

and in this thread, people are
sharing their burger recipes

If you think your cooking skills aren't up to scratch, then you might want to watch this online video course from Harvard that scon spotted:

Click for the thread and videos!

Saturday Night Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 19-February-2011  21:39:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler on Tweaktown.
Cooler Master NotePal U3 Laptop Cooler on TechWareLabs.
Lamptron FC-8 Fan Controller on LegitReviews.
Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan on OCOnline.

Audio Visual:
Aim iPair headphone splitter on RBMods.
Razer Banshee StarCraft II Headset on TBreak.
HornetTek Showcase: An Updated Phantom media player on Bjorn3D.
Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 2G soundcard on Guru3D.
Playon!HD Mini 2 Media Player on HWHeaven.

SSD for PCI-Express: OCZ IBIS vs. OCZ RevoDrive on XbitLabs.
OCZ Technology Vertex 3 Pro SandForce 2582 200GB SATA 6G SSD on PCPerspective.
Kingston DT Ultimate 3.0 32GB on XSReviews.
Excito B3 Home Server on Metku.
Synology DiskStation DS211 Network Attached Storage Device on XbitLabs.
Mach Xtreme MX-FX USB 3.0 Thumb Drive on Tweaktown.

Video Cards:
Inno3D GTX570 1.25GB on Vortez.
ASUS GeForce GTX 570 Direct CU II on TechPowerUp.
HIS Radeon HD 6850 IceQ X Turbo 1 GB on TechPowerUp.

Power Supply:
XFX Pro Series Core Edition Power Supplies on OCClub.
SilverStone Strider Gold 750W on OCIA.

Input Etc:
Zowie Celeritas gaming keyboard on OC3D.
Cooler Master Storm Spawn: The Red-Black Fury mouse on InsideHW.
Koribo Mini Keyboard on TestFreaks.

Gateway DX4320-45 prebuilt desktop on TechReviewSource.
Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard on BusinessComputingWorld.
Lancool PC-K59 Case on NeoSeeker.
OCZ Gold 4GB DDR3-2133 memory on PureOC.

Misc Pics (22 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-February-2011  14:19:30 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Thanks to Frank, NanoDuke and wonkdotorg this week!

And if you're after more, check out this Wiki page which lists ALL "misc pics" news posts from the archive.

Sponsor Specials (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-February-2011  13:46:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Remember to keep an eye on our Sponsor Specials forum if you're shopping around. In there our various sponsors have threads with deals on air conditioning, storage, digital radios, fitness supplements, office chairs, VoIP phones, photo studios, keyboards, media players, PC components and a range of other goodies. Worth a look!

Dorz's Ottoman Racing Cockpit (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-February-2011  11:33:23 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Taking inspiration from Lyshco's Ottoman Racing Cockpit, Dorz has made his own, and it turned out great:

Click for the worklog!

Friday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-February-2011  02:44:10 (GMT +10) - by Agg

In case you missed it, OCAU now has official twitter and facebook pages. We also set up Tapatalk (discussion here) recently too, which makes it a bit easier to view the forums on a mobile phone.

A few people sent in the Dead Island trailer which is pretty incredible. Don't watch it if you can't handle zombies, obviously. In Dead Island you can enjoy a tropical vacation complete with zombies. Watch the official trailer for the new survival horror video game.

Jensen Button will tackle Bathurst in an F1 car in March. It's confirmed - Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes will bring Formula One to Mount Panorama on March 22, when Jenson Button will have a lash at a lap time around the fearsome circuit. As well, Triple Eight will bring Craig Lowndes and his Team Vodafone Commodore down for a play. The teams did a very similar thing last year at Albert Park, where Button swapped cars with Jamie Whincup. Discussion here.

HotHardware looked at some enterprise features of Sandy Bridge. Also, though perhaps a bit more low-key than some of the consumer-targeted bells and whistles, Intel also baked in a few key enhancements in the area of enterprise management and security. Intel's vPro badge has adorned notebooks and desktops in previous generation Core processor platforms and with Intel's latest incarnation, Sandy Bridge takes vPro capabilities to the next level.

It turns out that a supercomputer can win Jeopardy, and IBM explain what it all means. Watson’s advances in deep analytics and its ability to process unstructured data and interpret natural language will now be applied to humanity’s most vexing problems. If we can teach a computer to compete on Jeopardy! what could it mean for science, finance, healthcare and the future of society? There's also an interview with one of the human players here and Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram|Alpha fame has some thoughts too.

Booksellers Borders and Angus & Robertson have entered voluntary administration in Australia. Book retailing as been identified as one of the most exposed sectors to the rise of online shopping given the typically standard versions of books compared with clothing and footwear, for instance. One industry analyst said REDgroup's demise suggests Australia may have more so-called "bricks and mortar" book shops than the market can sustain. Discussion here.

Apparently there was a giant solar flare recently. Astronomers have been predicting a solar cycle known as Solar maximum, predicted to hit with full force in 2012, could be one of the most damaging on record. Similar storms back in 1859 and 1921 caused worldwide chaos, wiping out telegraph wires on a massive scale, but the potential for damage in the digital era could be much greater.

Apple have released a report on conditions in factories they use and there were some worrying findings, but it seems Apple is forcing them to sort out some of the problems. A tenth factory, also in China, had employed 42 children under 16. "We determined management had chosen to overlook the issue and was not committed to addressing the problem," Apple said in the report. ... Apple had the supplier company send the young workers back to school, and then stopped doing business with it. More here.

DigitalTrends visited Toy Fair 2011 and reported on some cool things there. This week is the annual Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York, where toy companies from around the world show off the coolest high-tech toys you’ve never seen. Here’s some of the somewhat frivolous – but far more fun – technology we found on, and above, the show floor.

Issue 13 of The Overclocker online mag is out now.

Friday Morning Reviews (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-February-2011  01:58:08 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
Asus E35M1-M Pro Review: A Look at AMD's Fusion Platform on TechSpot.
ECS P67H2-A Black Extreme Motherboard Performance Review on LegitReviews.
AMD Fusion Hits Retail: Zotac and Gigabyte E-350s Tested on HotHardware.
Gigabyte P67A-UD4 LGA 1155 ATX Motherboard on PCPerspective.
Gigabyte X58-USB3 Intel X58 Motherboard on ThinkComputers.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU cooler on TechReaction.
Zaward Vapor 120 CPU cooler on TechPowerUp.
Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler on FunkyKit.
Thermaltake Jing CPU Heatsink on Pro-Clockers.
GlacialTech Alaska Multiple Platform CPU Cooler on ComputingOnDemand.
Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler CLP0574 on BenchmarkReviews.

Portable & Prebuilt:
LG Optimus 3D Smartphone Hands On on TBreak.
HTC Flyer Tablet Videoed on TBreak.
Titan TTC-G20TZ Docking Station for laptops on OCClub.
ASUS N73JQ notebook on InsideHW.
LG Optimus 3D Vs. Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones on DigitalTrends.
Brazos comes to Acer's Aspire One 522 netbook on TechReport.
Mivizu A90 iPad Stand on OCIA.
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11 on BusinessComputingWorld.

ASUS RT-N56U Dual Band Gigabit Wireless N Router on Tweaktown.
OvisLink AirLive X.USB 11a/b/g/n 300Mbps Dual Band USB Adapter on MadShrimps.
TRENDnet TEW-691GR Wireless 450Mbps Gigabit Router on TechWareLabs.

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 on PureOC.
Crucial Ballistix 4GB DDR3-1866 BL2KIT25664FN1869 on OCOnline.
G.Skill Ripjaws Series PC3-16000 8GB Kit on Tweaktown.
G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9 8 GB on TechPowerUp.

Thermaltake Max 5G USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure on ThinkComputers.
OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SandForce SF-2582 200GB SSD on LegitReviews.
MUKii TransImp TIP-330U3-BK USB 3.0 Drive Enclosure on BigBruin.
OCZ Vertex 3 PRO SSD on Guru3D.
OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SandForce SF-2000 Based SSD Preview on HotHardware.

Video Cards:
VisionTek Killer HD5770 Combo Card on BenchmarkReviews.
Palit GTX 560 Ti Sonic 1GB on PureOC.
Gainward GeForce GTX 570 1280MB Phantom on Tweaktown.

Input Etc:
SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse on EverythingUSB.
Razer Spectre StarCraft II Mouse on T-Break.
Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse on Techgage.
Razer TRON Gaming Mouse & Mat on HWHeaven.

Audio Visual:
Arctic Sound P321 headset on TechReaction.
Arctic Sound S361 2.1 Speaker Set on OC3D.
Nikon Coolpix L2 digicam on TechReviewSource.
Compro Videomate U680F TV adapter on XSReviews.

iHome iP90 Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod with AM/FM Reception on MadShrimps.
Windows Live Hotmail 2011 on TechReviewSource.
Crysis 2 Performance Preview on TechSpot.
RIFT MMO Preview on GamingHeaven.
Sentey Burton case on OCClub.

Thursday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 17-February-2011  14:40:25 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Now, this first story came from a few people, but I couldn't make it work for me. I'll have another play later and see how I go. But anyway, apparently Amazon.co.uk have free shipping to Aus, under certain circumstances. Namely, the item has to be eligible for "super saver shipping" and the order total has to be over GBP 25. It's .co.uk only, not .com. So I'm sure Gerry Harvey won't be too happy about this, but people wanting cheap books and things might be. More details here.

IBM's "Watson" supercomputer has appeared on Jeopardy. Here is Monday's episode of Jeopardy! as we start our IBM challenge with a supercomputer codenamed, "Watson". We have returning champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter competing against "Watson" for a $1,000,000 prize. Here is part one of day 1 of the IBM challenge.

NBNCo have bought some spectrum from Austar, to help with their wireless rollout. Austar said today it would receive $120 million from NBN Co for its 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz spectrum holdings, enabling NBN Co to roll out a high-speed fixed-wireless service to rural and regional areas. The first NBN Co fixed-wireless commercial services are scheduled for delivery in mid-2012, a statement by Austar and NBN Co said.

TomsHardware consider the effect on your power bill of having a high-end video card. Many reviews analyze the minimum and maximum power consumption of a given graphics card. But just how much power does a high-end graphics card really need during the course of standard operation? This long-term test sheds some light on that question.

NVIDIA have announced a quad-core tablet CPU called Kal-El. Am I going senile, or was that the real name of Superman? Tonight NVIDIA whetted our appetite for what's to come with a demo that can most fittingly be described as an exhibition of unadulterated computational muscle. A 2560 x 1440 stream was being decoded on a developmental device, scaled down to that slate's native 1366 x 768 resolution, and additionally displayed on a connected 30-inch, 2560 x 1600 monitor. That entire voluminous workload was being handled in real time by Kal-El and we saw no signs of it struggling.

Bullus sent in this EVGA contest to win an i7 Extreme Edition CPU. When we say you can win big we really mean it; a next generation Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Processor is up for grabs. This processor isn’t even out yet! It is set to launch soon and you can score one as soon as it hits the streets. Interested yet? We thought so! So all you need to do to win one of these processors is fill out the below survey, one lucky EVGA member will win. Also this contest is completely global so anyone, anywhere is eligible. Entries close in a few days.

This whole HBGary-vs-Anonymous thing is getting pretty crazy, with HBGary issuing a statement and cancelling their booth at RSA Conference 2011. A security company withdrawing from a security conference due to a security breach? Ouch. Wired have more info and interviews with Anonymous, while Salon explore the background story.

Steve spotted a use for your old Zip drive. Sadly, I have a parallel port one and a few disks sitting on a shelf in my "must eBay one day" pile. Who am I kidding? The good old Zip Drive introduced by Iomega in late 1994 served it's purpose as a medium-capacity removable disk storage system until obsolescence kicked in as it was replaced by flash drives as well as rewritable CDs and DVDs. Here are a few things you can do to give new life to that outdated drive. Never had an Orb drive though, which means I avoided the Click Of Death. Until the Deathstars came in, of course. And I wore an onion on my belt, as was the fashion at the time. Get off my lawn!

Forum Projects (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 16-February-2011  20:58:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some more interesting things from the forums. Remember if you see anything cool in your travels, send the link to news@overclockers.com.au and we'll check it out!

dinos22 checked out the
Gigabyte E350N-USB3

Sin0822 reviewed the
Gigabyte GTX 570

while windwith me has an
i5-2500K & P67A-UD3R OC Guide

eva2000 played with a
i7 2600K L038A660 + P67A-UD7

Bullus has a modding
project called "Twin DNA"

and Stewey is building
a guitar from a kit

Two Contests (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 16-February-2011  17:15:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Armageddon Expo is on later this month in Sydney, and next month in Adelaide. Armageddon Expo has to be seen to be believed, and is a must for anyone interested in imagination just beyond our reach. Gaming, comics, wrestling, TV and movie stars, anime and sci-fi lovers and celebrities alike converge on the one venue to celebrate all that is freakishly fabulous about the cult of weird and wonderful entertainment. Tickets at the door or through Ticketek.

We've got two double passes to the Sydney event to give away, one for each day - the winner can choose which day they want, with the runner-up getting the other day. I'll also send an OCAU Mug to the second runner-up. So what's the contest? Well, this time I'm thinking superheroes. So, in this thread, put up a self-portrait, or a video, or even just a funny text description, of yourself as a superhero. What will you be called? What will your super abilities be? I'll pick the ones I like the most and then we'll put it to a community vote to decide the winners. Entries close at midnight Sydney time on Sunday night, the 20th of Feb. Then we'll have 24 hours of voting.

Also, I noticed that Warcom have a caption contest over in the Sponsor Specials forum, where you can win a Kaiser Baas Keyboard. That one ends this Friday.

Wednesday Afternoon Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 16-February-2011  13:39:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
Intel Core i3-2100T and BH67CF Mini-ITX Motherboard on MissingRemote.
ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional Socket 1155 Motherboard on Pro-Clockers.
Jetway NF96FL-510-LF Mini-ITX Motherboard on eTeknix.
AMD Phenom II X4 840 CPU on Overclockers.com.
Gigabyte E350N-USB3 on OC3D.
Gigabyte G1 Assassin Motherboard Video Preview on OC3D.
Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra Socket 1155 Motherboard on Pro-Clockers.
Jetway Mini-ITX NC98-525E-LF Motherboard MultiMedia Review on MadShrimps.
Zotac IONITX-P-E Integrated Motherboard on OCClub.
Intel Core i5-2500K Processor on APHNetworks.
Asus E35M1-M Pro: AMD Fusion Motherboard on SilentPCReview.
ASUS P7P55D Premium Intel P55 Express Motherboard on PCStats.
AMD Brazos platform tested - The E350 APU review on Guru3D.

Audio Visual:
Razer Ferox mobile speakers on Vortez.
Canon PowerShot G12 digicam on TechReviewSource.
Asus Xonar DG Headphone Amp Sound Card on Tweaknews.
Sennheiser PC100-IIi Headphones on TBreak.

Video Cards:
KFA2 GeForce GTX 470 EX OC on eTeknix.
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 560 Ti AMP! Edition 1 GB on TechPowerUp.
HIS HD 6970 on XSReviews.
Palit GTX 560 Ti Sonic on Bjorn3D.
AXLE GeForce GT 430 1GB Video Card on LegitReviews.

BitFenix Shinobi on TechPowerUp.
IN WIN Dragon Rider Full Tower on Tweaktown.
Enermax Hoplite on Vortez.
SilverStone Precision PS05 on APHNetworks.

Portable & Prebuilt:
SAPPHIRE Edge Mini PC prebuilt system on Bjorn3D.
Archos 101 Internet Tablet (Android) on HWHeaven.
Sapphire Edge Mini PC on OCClub.
Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC on PureOC.
Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC on NeoSeeker.
BlackBerry Style 9670 smartphone on DigitalTrends.
Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC on HWHeaven.
Zotac Zbox AD03 BR Plus Mini PC on FunkyKit.
HP Pavilion p6720f prebuilt desktop on TechReviewSource.
Speck PixelSleeve 13” Laptop and Netbook Case on TestFreaks.
Sony Ericsson LiveView Micro Display mobile phone gadget on DragonSteelMods.
Augen EBA701 TheBook eBook Reader on TestFreaks.

Gelid Icy Vision Rev 2 Graphics Card Cooler on Tweaknews.
Xigmatek Achilles Plus SD1484 Heatsink on BenchmarkReviews.
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro CPU cooler on OC3D.
Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan on TechARP.
Alpenföhn Föhn 140 Wing Boost Fan on Vortez.
Evercool Transformer 4 CPU cooler on RBMods.
Deepcool Killer Whale Premium CPU Cooler on LegitReviews.

Patriot Memory Supersonic USB 3.0 Flash Drive on Tweaktown.
OCZ RevoDrive 50GB SSD on TechWareLabs.
Intel 310 Series 80GB mSATA SSD on HotHardware.
Kingston SSDNow V100 Solid State Drive on TechWareLabs.

Input Etc:
Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard on PC Perspective.
Mad Catz CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Elite USB Gaming Keyboard on BigBruin.
Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Mousepad on DragonSteelMods.

Patriot Division 2 Viper Xtreme PC3 15000 on NinjaLane.
OCZ Gold XTE Series PC3-17000 4GB Kit on Tweaktown.

Iomega SuperHero phone backup device on DigitalTrends.
Dead Space 2 PC game on GamingHeaven.
Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus 1000W PSU on ThinkComputers.

ASUS GeForce GTX 580 DirectCU II (16 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-February-2011  19:04:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

DiGiTaL MoNkEY has taken a look at the new top-flight GeForce card from ASUS, the GTX 580 DirectCU II. The most striking thing about it is the enormous aftermarket cooler from which it takes its name:

Click for the review!

Tuesday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-February-2011  16:18:02 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Valve are getting in on the Valentines Day hype with their own Portal 2 Valentines Gift Guide. A Valentine's Day gift buyer's guide, with a surprising conclusion. I'm sure they're feeling the love, given PC Gamer report they control up to 70% of the gaming market via Steam.

You might remember Dan's stained glass window made from motherboards etc, but here's another artistic use for old PC bits: minature cities, thanks Samo. Italian artist Franco Recchia delves into the world of technology and the man made form in his mixed-media sculptures that focus on the urban landscape and related themes.

From Bill: Mod Men is a new webisode series that follows my PC modding business. Imagine an "American Chopper for Geeks" but without the reality bull. Show Trailer here, 1st season will air March 1st on my YT channel. Viewers will watch us build a water cooled PC from scratch over 5 episodes. The design is insanely cool! I'll also share guides and tips to inspire your own projects. They will also include some of my thorough and opinionated product reviews.

Fairfax media have shared how things are going with the Australian Financial Review after they hid the website content behind a "paywall". The company has revealed that afr.com.au has 6711 subscribers. The company charges $1140 per year for an annual digital subscription. Based on its stated policy that it does not discount subscriptions to the site, this would indicate, at best, revenues of about $640,000 per month, or$7.6m per year.

Petapixel checked out a $30,000 Leica camera. When it was announced back in September of last year, we predicted that most of them wouldn’t see the light of day and would be placed immediately into collectors’ vaults. Luckily for us, someone decided to actually unbox (gasp!) one of these babies (camera #164), allowing us to see what it’s like to receive such an absurdly expensive camera.

This is a year or so old now but still interesting, a video showing how a Cray supercomputer is upgraded from quad-core to six-core CPUs. Discussion here. If you want to see the innards of the hardware that powers OCAU, check out our 2009 OCAU Server Upgrade article.

For a slightly different flavour of server, dasuperham sent in this Mac Mini rackmount kit allowing two to be mounted in 1RU. The RackMac mini by Sonnet Tech allows system admins to install two Mac minis in a standard rackmount enclosure while allowing full access to the CD drive, power LEDs and even the IR port on the unibody mini.

Also from dasuperham, a new "superphone" and tablet from Samsung, info here, here and here. Contrary to the leaks, the tablet is called the Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- grabbing its moniker from the screen size, obviously -- and like the rest of the upcoming Android 3.0 tablets it's powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, will be available with 16GB or 32GB of storage, and has a front-facing 2 megapixel camera as well as a 8 megapixel imager around back. TBreak have a hands-on preview as well. Discussion here.

Stuart sent word of Telstra's 4G plans. Australians will again be at the leading edge of mobile telecommunications with Telstra today unveiling plans to upgrade its Next G™ network with 4G technology later this year. More info here.

Monday Evening Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 14-February-2011  20:34:36 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Video Cards:
KFA2 GTX 460 WDHI wireless graphics card on Guru3D.
MSI Radeon HD 6870 1GB HAWK Overclocked on Tweaktown.
ASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII TOP on BenchmarkReviews.
Asus Radeon HD 6950 OC 2GB on eTeknix.
Gainward GeForce GTX 570 1280MB "Golden Sample" Goes Like Hell on iXBTLabs.

Patriot Convoy 425XL drive bay adapter on TechReaction.
Thermaltake Max 5G Hard Drive Enclosure on Techgage.
Zalman N-Series Sandforce SSD Tests on BenchmarkReviews.
ASUS BW-12B1LT Blu-ray Writer on PureOC.
Zalman ZM-MH200 Dual HDD Docking Station on PCPerspective.
MUKii TransImp USB 3.0 Hub on PureOC.
OCZ RevoDrive X2 PCIe Solid State Drive on OCIA.

Audio Visual:
Logitech Revue with Google TV on RBMods.
Patriot PBO Core HD Media Player on ViperLair.
Tritton AX 720 Gaming Headphones on TBreak.
Mitsuba DC500T 5MP Digital Camera on Monster-Hardware.

In Win Pedestal Entry Level Server 689 on Motherboards.org.
Fractal Design ‘Define R3’ Chassis on TBreak.

Power Supply:
Choiix Power Fort 5.5whrs on XSReviews.
LEPA G 500 W Power Supply on HWSecrets.
Super Flower Golden Green SF-800P14XE 800W Power Supply on Tweaktown.
Corsair CX430 Power Supply on HWSecrets.

OCZ Platinum XTE Series PC3-16000 4GB Kit on Tweaktown.
Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) on OCOnline.

Interesting Forum Threads (5 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 13-February-2011  20:49:08 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's a snapshot of what's going on in some of the forums. You can also find new interesting things you might have missed via the Who's Online page, the New Posts page and the Live forum view. Also try the Today's Posts link (find it on the Quick Links menu) and the handy Who Quoted Me? feature.

Worklog: The $200 Sleeper PC That Can Run Crysis in Modding.
Should I clean my PC? in Overclocking & Hardware.
Amazing 965 in AMD Hardware.
4U Storage Chassis support up to 88x 2.5" HDD in Storage & Backup.
Encrypted RAID System with USB Thumbdrive as decryption key source? in Other Operating Systems.
Flashing GTX 580 Bios How To in Video Cards & Monitors.
Oldest production hardware in Business & Enterprise Computing.
At@Games - Sega MS&GG handheld in Retro & Arcade.
Crysis 2 (2011) in Games.
CompuLab's upcoming releases: Trim Slice and fit-PC3 in Portable & Small Form Factor.
New Samsung Galaxy S2 Official Image and Info Leaked in Mobile Phones.
GT5: OCAUGTC - OCAU Grand Touring Car Championship feat. JGTC, DTM & More! in Sony Consoles.
How many inches is your monitor in Video Cards & Monitors.
Hi-Fi Speaker Advice in Audio Visual.
Domino's Satay Sauce in Geek Food.
Best cheese for toasted sandwiches in Geek Food.
NSW Election 2011 in Politics & Policies.
The road to riches: your plan in Career, Education & Finance.
China tries to pass Top Gun footage as military drill in The Pub.
GoBarbra.com - Create your own Barbra Streisand song in The Pub.
Locked mailbox - need some ideas in The Pub.

Sunday Afternoon (12 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 13-February-2011  15:00:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The big story of the last couple of days is Nokia and Microsoft teaming up to try and recover some mobile phone market share from Apple and Google's Android. More info here. In short, Nokia will be moving from their own platform to using Microsoft's Windows Phone, which will presumably strengthen that platform as well. Nokia’s history of innovation in the hardware space, global hardware scale, strong history of intellectual property creation and navigation assets are second to none. Microsoft is a leader in software and services; the company’s incredible expertise in platform creation forms the opportunity for its billions of customers and millions of partners to get more out of their devices. Discussion here.

Actually scratch that, a bigger story is the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition. You’ve waited 14 years for the game to come out; why not splurge a little? 2K Games punctuates the May release of Duke Nukem Forever with a special edition that’s as over-the-top and obnoxious as the game’s star himself. There's a hands-on preview of DNF on ArsTechnica and GamingNexus. GamePron have confirmed it has not been edited for Australian release.

Tech Report decided they hate glossy laptops, and did something about it. With a scouring pad. Sure, glossy plastic looks great when it's fresh from the factory or right after it's been buffed with one of the cleaning cloths that always seem to come with it. However, even gentle handling tends to leave behind a mess of fingerprints and smudges that's impossible to ignore.

The BBC are shutting down many of their websites for budgetary reasons, but a BitTorrent user has archived them for $4, with more info here. Once the individual discovered that the BBC would be deleting the 172 websites, he began spidering them and ripping their content to a VPS server, purchased for the bargain price of $3.99. This seedbox is hosting the content which is all neatly wrapped up in a torrent for anyone to download and share.

ITNews report from Kiama Downs, where NBN fibre is being laid down. A way to dig the lead-in trenches from the pit to the side of a house is by water blasting, which NBN Co is trialling in Kiama Downs. Between 150 and 200 homes were trenched with water blasting.

ComputingOnDemand cover installing Linux from a USB drive. So when my friend asked me help him install Ubuntu on his Aspire One, I obliged. Remember, netbooks do not come equipped with CDROM/DVD drives and unless you have an external drive or converter, your only option is to use USB.

OCModShop have a guide to upgrading a Synology diskstation, which is of interest to me as I recently converted the AggCave media server from a full PC to a diskstation. The only real complaint I have is that it pretty much vanishes from the network during power-save mode, so PCs and PS3s have to jump through annoying hoops to see it again after it starts up, maybe 50% of the time. Anyone else had this issue?

I'm not sure if we've seen this before, but Symon sent in this cool scale of the universe slider thingy. Meanwhile, today's completely indecipherable timewaster is KOI2 from Tzortst. Seriously, I have no idea what's going on there. :)

Sunday Afternoon Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 13-February-2011  14:22:34 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Mini-ITX Fusion board on TechReport.
MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 board on iXBTLabs.
ECS H67H2-M LGA1155 board on Motherboards.org.
GIGABYTE GA-H67-UD3H LGA1155 board on Motherboards.org.
Sapphire Pure Black X58 LGA1366 board on NeoSeeker.
AMD Fusion E-350 on TBreak.

Video Cards:
ASUS GeForce ENGTX560 Ti DirectCU II on LegitReviews.
XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB Dual Fan Edition on Motherboards.org.
Sapphire HD6870 Vapor-X on OCClub.
GIGABYTE HD6970 2GB on Vortez.

Input Etc:
Roccat Kova[+] Gaming Mouse on HWHeaven.
Cooler Master Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse on ThinkComputers.
Roccat Kova & Kone Gaming Mice on OCIA.

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler on FunkyKit.
Prolimatech Samuel 17 Heatsink on Overclockers.com.
Noctua NF-S12B FLX Fan on eTeknix.

Portable & Prebuilt:
HP Mini 1103 netbook on TechReviewSource.
Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet on HotHardware.

Misc Pics (27 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 11-February-2011  14:11:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Thanks to JC, Rob and thrillhouse this week!

And if you're after more, check out this Wiki page which lists ALL "misc pics" news posts from the archive.

OCAU Mugs (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 11-February-2011  11:29:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

We still have some OCAU mugs available - get yours before they're all gone!

Click for info!

Friday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 11-February-2011  01:56:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Much to everyone's amazement, Duke Nukem Forever has made it through classification and is OK to sell in Australia. A quick perusal of the Classification Board earlier today revealed a classification for the mysterious title 000A, submitted by Take 2. Nice try, guys, but we see straight through your cunning plan. This game contains “Strong violence, sexual references, crude humour and drug references”, which sounds pretty much exactly like we’d expect from the Duke.

Rage and Sciby both sent in this cool Phantom of the Floppera video, where floppy drives play Bach's Toccata & Fugue. Features two 3 1/2" drives and two 5 1/4" drives connected to a PIC18f14k50 microcontroller. It interfaces to any MIDI source via MIDI over USB. Straight MIDI would also be possible with an additional small circuit and some minor firmware changes. This initial version can respond to all 128 MIDI notes, and pitch bends +/- 2 semitones.

Tweaktown have built and tested their Flood Appeal Dream System. At the end of January TweakTown's Aussie Flood Appeal Dream System was born and for a small donation of just $10 USD you could get a chance to win a beast of a PC that comes in just shy of $5,000 USD.

XbitLabs have a 3TB HDD roundup. For all these pitfalls, the transition to the new storage capacity could not be delayed much longer and the HDD manufacturers got to work on it. Their websites now offer special sections detailing the subtleties of the move to 3 terabytes, and we’ve got three HDDs of the record-breaking capacity, two of which can already be found in retail shops.

Customs are apparently cracking down on online purchases entering the country. A document from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service from late January details a three month campaign to crack-down on expensive parcels entering Australia marked as gifts or with a declared value under $1000, exempting them from liability for GST or duty payments. The document notes that the campaign aims to ensure that GST and duty exemptions for low-value goods entering Australia are not being "abused or exploited" by importers.

From MellowFellow: HP has just announced a trio of new devices running the WebOS operating system they inherited when they bought Palm last year. There's the world's smallest smart phone called the Veer with touch screen and slide-out keyboard, a new version of the original WebOS phone the Pre3 sporting a larger keyboard and 1.4GHz processor; and finally their own iPad clone the TouchPad which is spec-for-spec an iPad and will have a Kindle app on launch day. Palm has had a bad couple of years and most people thought the buy-out by HP would be the death of them but these devices are better than anything they're announced in a long time. As a long-time Palm user and fanoi of the best phone OS in the world: WebOS, i'm desperately hoping these will be enough to make Palm a household name again.

Wired have a more detailed article on the security firm that targeted Anonymous and got more than they bargained for. Thanks to the leaked e-mails, we now have the full story of how Barr infiltrated Anonymous, used social media to compile his lists, and even resorted to attacks on the codebase of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon used in attacks - and how others at his own company warned him about the pitfalls of his own research.

BBC report on plans for a private internet for robots. By contrast, RoboEarth hopes to start showing how the information that robots discover about the world can be defined so any other robot can find it and use it. RoboEarth will be a communication system and a database, he said. In the database will be maps of places that robots work, descriptions of objects they encounter and instructions for how to complete distinct actions.

Meanwhile a brain-controlled robotic arm is the first submission to be submitted to a new streamlined FDA approval process. The FDA today announced "Innovation Pathway", a new program to speed through regulatory approvals for groundbreaking medical technology. The first test case in the process will be an unnamed DARPA prosthetic arm that is controlled via a brain-computer interface implanted on the surface of the patient's brain.

Tech Report checked out memory speed and Sandy Bridge performance. K-Series Sandy Bridge CPUs have unlocked memory multipliers that make it easy to take advantage of faster memory modules. We explore performance with a range of memory configurations to see whether Intel's latest CPU architecture makes good use of exotic DIMMs.

TechWareLabs wonder how fast things can get with two Momentus XTs in RAID0. This little guy is a standard 2.5" 7200 RPM laptop drive with 32MB cache and a beautiful 4GB SSD attached. This SSD brings the performance up considerably. So, what are we going to do with it? Well Seagate gave us two, so we are going to RAID them in a RAID 0 and short stroke them to see what kind of performance we can get. Just like Artiom did with the VelociRaptor. We are directly comparing this to the SSD in Artiom's last editorial using the VelociRaptors.

From Manaz: Countries all over the world right now are trying to acquire an internet kill switch, which would cut off internet access to an entire country. Egypt did this last week, Austria already has the switch, and the U.S. has legislation that would give President Obama and his successors this power too. We need to stand up to our world leaders and demand they they keep the internet open for all and resist any efforts to develop an internet kill switch at home or abroad. I've already signed Access' petition to the UN asking member countries to stop the switch, will you join us? Here's the link.

Thursday Night Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 10-February-2011  22:20:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe (Intel P67 Express) Motherboard on Tweaktown.
ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional on NeoSeeker, our review here.

GlacialTech Alaska Cooler on XbitLabs.
Corsair H70 Liquid Cooling System on XbitLabs.
Noctua NH-C12P and Noctua NH-C12P SE14 CPU Cooler on MadShrimps.
Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler on HWSecrets.
Antec Kühler H2O 620 Water Cooling System on BenchmarkReviews.

Audio Visual:
Corsair CA-HS1NA USB Gaming Headset on BenchmarkReviews.
Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speakers on PC Perspective.
Panasonic HDC-SDT750 HD camcorder on DigitalTrends.
Flip minoHD Camcorder on TBreak.

Corsair Graphite Series 600T on ThinkComputers.
Galaxis Atlus Mid Tower Chassis on Tweaktown.
In-Win TRACK on TechReaction.
SilverStone RAVEN RV02-E on OCOnline.

Video Cards:
PowerColor Radeon PCS++ 6950 on PureOC.
nVidia GeForce GTX 460 on OCIA.
ASUS GTX560 DirectCU II on Guru3D.
ASUS HD 6970 DirectCU II on HWHeaven.
ASUS GeForce GTX 580 Direct CU II on TechPowerUp.

Patriot SuperSonic 64GB (USB 3.0) on LegionHW.
ADATA Superior Series S102 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive on MadShrimps.
Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 128GB Portable SSD on Techgage.
Max5G Active Cooling 3.5 External Enclosure on Bjorn3D.
MUKii TransImp USB3 Combo Pack (PCIe Card+Enclosure) on Pro-Clockers.

Power Supply:
OCZ 750W Fatal1ty Series Power Supply on TechWareLabs.
PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II 500W on HWSecrets.

Portable & Prebuilt:
HP EliteBook 8740w notebook on TechReviewSource.
Motorola Atrix Smartphone Hands On on TBreak.
Motorola Xoom Tablet Hands-On on TBreak.
Aria Dominator 560Ti prebuilt gaming PC on OC3D.
Palm Pre 2 on BusinessComputingWorld.

Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 PC3-15000 8GB Kit on Tweaktown.
OCZ Platinum XTE 4GB DDR3-2000 on PureOC.

Input Etc:
Mionix Propus 380 gaming mousepad on Vortez.
Smartfish Whirl Mini Laser Mouse w/ Anti-Gravity Comfort Pivot on TestFreaks.

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler (10 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 10-February-2011  00:56:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

DiGiTaL MoNkEY checked out this gargantuan CPU cooler from Noctua, the NH-D14:

Click for the review!

Misc Pics Near Misses (41 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 9-February-2011  15:08:39 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I got a (good-natured) email a couple of days ago, from someone wondering why none of his misc pics over the last few weeks had been used on the news page. Well, I try not to use those with an obvious source or copyright, but lots I think are just too obscure or not quite right for whatever reason. But maybe I get it wrong sometimes, so I've looked back through my emails and here's a few that I don't think I posted at the time, but perhaps deserve another look.. or not. :) So, thanks to the many people who sent these in!

And if you're after more, check out this Wiki page which lists ALL "misc pics" news posts from the archive.

Wednesday Afternoon Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 9-February-2011  14:13:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Audio Visual:
PI Manufacturing Single Desk Mount Bracket for LCD on TestFreaks.
Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System on Tweaknews.
Polk Audio SurroundBar 6000 on GamingNexus.
Steelseries Siberia Neckband - iPhone on FunkyKit.
Dell UltraSharp U2410 monitor on BusinessComputingWorld.
Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20 mini-camcorder on TechReviewSource.
Soundscience Rockus 3D | 2.1 speakers on SilentPCReview.
Coloud Colors Headphones on TestFreaks.

Portable & Prebuilt:
Google Nexus S smartphone on DigitalTrends.
Asus N53SV laptop on TechReviewSource.
Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid Tablet / Netbook on HotHardware.

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C 1TB vs. WD Caviar Blue 1TB on SilentPCReview.
Western Digital Scorpo Black 750gb Laptop Hard Drive on TechWareLabs.
Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache Flash Drive on Tweaktown.

Video Cards:
Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! Edition on TBreak.
MSI R6870 Hawk on TBreak.
Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti Phantom 2 on HWHeaven.

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory Kit on LegitReviews.
Kingston HyperX Special Edition Sandy Bridge 1600MHz CL9 on Vortez.
Patriot Memory Division 2 Viper Extreme 4GB 1866MHz DDR3 Memory Kit on FutureLooks.
Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer Memory Module on HWSecrets.

Corsair Hydro H70 Water Cooling Kit on BenchmarkReviews.
Xigmatek Gaia SD1283 CPU Cooler on Pro-Clockers.
Xigmatek Aegir Cooler on Tweaknews.

Victorinox SwissFlash Laser 2GB Pocket Knife with Laser on MadShrimps.
iHome iP41 Rotating Alarm Clock for iPhone & iPod on MadShrimps.
Phosphor World Time Curved E Ink Watch on Tweaktown.
CoolerMaster Storm Spawn mouse on eTeknix.
Magicka game on YouGamers.
Sparkle SCC-750AF Gold Class 750W PSU on Tweaktown.
BitFenix's Survivor enclosure, take two case on TechReport.

Wednesday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 9-February-2011  13:31:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Intel have resumed shipments of chipsets affected by the SATA issue. As a result of these discussions and specific requests from computer makers, Intel is resuming shipments of the Intel® 6 Series Chipset for use only in PC system configurations that are not impacted by the design issue. Only computer makers who have committed to shipping the Intel® 6 Series Chipset in PC system configurations that are not impacted by the design issue will be receiving these shipments. Mid-February for the fixed parts now, apparently.

XbitLabs compared seven coolers on six-core CPUs. Today we are going to talk about five new CPU coolers from Akasa, Deep Cool and ThermoLab and will offer you a performance comparison of seven products on six-core AMD and Intel processors.

APCMag explode a PSU and tell you what's what inside them, thanks Sniper. So we asked a man who lives and breathes power supplies, Christoph Katzer, to explain what you should look for in a PSU. German-born Katzer is the global director for the entire PSU business at Antec, one of the world's biggest components makers, but agreed to put brand loyalties aside to explain how PSUs work in the videos below. But first, the explosion!

IBM have some videos looking back at the last 100 years of their history. The computer industry is fairly young compared to many other industries, but one of founding pioneer companies of the information age is now officially a century old.

Apple haven't taken kindly to an iPad chopping board, ordering the maker to stop selling them. I came up with this iPad Cheese Cutting board idea and my fabricators after some hard work were able to make one. I like coming up with creative ideas like I did with the iPhone Sketchbook and Stencils. A few months back we received a call from Apple lawyers and we were told to stop selling them. The reason given was based on “likeness” issues. A Wood cutting board.

Hoopstar sent in these incredible pencil carvings. I have enough trouble just sharpening pencils properly.

Rob sent in this thread about a disabled gamer who doesn't let paralysis stop him from getting into Dead Space 2 - the main issue is restrictive key assignments! So there's now a petition for full customisation in games, and apparently somewhere in this thread there's mention that there might be a fix on the way.

TheSSDReview have an article on Enterprise SSD Migration. SSD technology has hit like a hurricane leaving enterprise in awe of its potential yet leery of high cost for a storage medium still in its infancy. Todays business is reluctant to implement SSD storage for reasons that run the gamut from reliability and durability to long-term performance gain concerns. The inherent cost of slc drives is self defeating for a small business and time has yet to put its stamp of approval on mlc design. Remember we have a Business & Enterprise Computing forum, too.

From Badooleoo: I saw this project of a handheld N64 hacked from Nintendo 64s, Gamecube controller, PSone screen and put together in a Game Boy Advance case. A very awesome job indeed. Work log here, video here.

Finally from sabz, an amazing video showing what happens when Bollywood gets CGI.

Tuesday Afternoon Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 8-February-2011  16:49:20 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
Phenom II X4 840 CPU on HWSecrets.
Sapphire Pure Black x58 motherboard on TechWareLabs.
GIGABYTE E350N-USB3 Fusion Benched, Overclocked and Examined on Tweaktown.

OCZ Vertex 2 120GB 3.5-inch Solid State Drive on ThinkComputers.
Thermaltake's BlacX 5G USB 3.0 docking station on TechReport.
Seagate 1TB Constellation.2 ST91000640NS on OCOnline.
Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB Hard Drive on HotHardware.
Thermaltake Max5G USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure on TestFreaks.
RunCore Pro V 120GB Solid-State Drive on LegitReviews.
StarTech eSATA Standalone Duplicator Dock - SATDOCK22RE on ComputingOnDemand.
Thermaltake BlacX 5G USB 3.0 Hard Drive Dock on EverythingUSB.
Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB Hard Drive on OCClub.
Western Digital My Book Essential 3 TB on Metku.
Lexar Professional 133x 16GB SDHC Card on MadShrimps.
Hitachi XL3000 Desk 3TB USB 2.0 External Drive on MadShrimps.
Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Extreme Duo 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive on eTeknix.

Video Cards:
Sapphire Radeon 6870 Vapor-X on PureOC.
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Vapor-X on HWHeaven.
CrossFire in Practice: Radeon HD 4850 CF vs 6850 on InsideHW.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti SLI on XbitLabs.
Powercolor HD6970 PCS + on OC3D.
HIS Radeon 6850 ICEQ X Turbo on Guru3D.
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Vapor-X Edition on NeoSeeker.

Input Etc:
Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on APHNetworks.
Thermaltake Meka G1 Mechanical Keyboard on NeoSeeker.
Cooler Master Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse on OCIA.
CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse on Bjorn3D.
SteelSeries StarCraft II Mouse Mat Limited Edition Marine Version on eTeknix.
CM Storm Spawn Optical Gaming Mouse on BenchmarkReviews.
Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate on TestFreaks.
Razer Nostromo Gaming Keyboard on RBMods.

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler on RBMods.
Updated Noctua NH-C14 Lower Noise Heatsink on Frostytech.
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and Hyper TX3 CPU Coolers on MadShrimps.
Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler on XbitLabs.
GlacialTech Siberia CPU Cooler on iXBTLabs.

Power Supply:
Seasonic X Series 560W on PCPerspective.
SilverStone Strider Gold ST75F-G 750W on APHNetworks.
Innergie mCube Slim Power Adapter on eTeknix.

Razer Naga Epic Mouse and Ironclad Mouse Mat (20 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-February-2011  20:39:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Lack of mouse buttons getting you down? Tired of having to remember zillions of key combinations? Razer's Naga Epic mouse might be of interest, with 17 buttons, including an array of 12 down one side that you can assign custom functions to. DiGiTaL MoNkEY checked it out, along with their Ironclad mouse mat.

Click for the review!

Monday Evening (15 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-February-2011  20:19:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Games.on.net have published their Game of the Year award winners. Well, we asked for your votes, and you gave them. Now that we've finally tallied up the winners, cried on each other's shoulders over the losers, and yawned uncaringly at the middling wannabes, it's time to share them with the world. They also have some official Crysis 2 requirements. 8800GT? I suspect "minimum" is an understatement.

The Mars500 simulated-mission-to-Mars crew have reached orbit around Mars, in terms of time duration. 245 days since "launch", so far. Though the flight to Mars is real in every way possible on Earth, the six-man crew is actually parked in a simulator at the Institute for Medical and Biological Problems in Moscow, Russia. At an orbit-dependent 36 million to more than 250 million miles (58-402 million km) from Earth, Mars is far enough distant that simulated missions are necessary to address concerns about stress, claustrophobia and fatigue.

Meanwhile one family has completely unplugged for 6 months. Susan Maushart lived out every parent's fantasy: She unplugged her teenagers. For six months, she took away the Internet, TV, iPods, cell phones and video games. The eerie glow of screens stopped lighting up the family room. Electronic devices no longer chirped through the night like "evil crickets." And she stopped carrying her iPhone into the bathroom.

TBreak have a Sandy Bridge heatsink roundup. Today I’ll take a look at four high-end CPU coolers from some of the most respectable names in the industry and pit them all against each other to see how they perform under pressure.

A recent PC speed-building competition set a new record of just over four minutes. Contestants had to pack identical components into computer cases and connect their machines to the organiser's network. Four minutes seems like a fairly long time fi you have all the bits laid out in front of you, hrm.

CNet have a video on the challenges of benchmarking. However, instead of off-the-shelf testing, we generally prefer to create our own benchmarks that incorporate mainstream applications representing real-world usage. In doing so, we hopefully give you a better idea of how well these systems perform with apps that are at least close to what the average consumer would use.

Some people involved with Anonymous may be tracked down, according to a security firm. Mr Barr said he penetrated Anonymous as part of a project to demonstrate the security risks to organisations from social media and networking.He is presenting his research later this month at a conference in San Francisco. Naturally this has annoyed Anonymous, who have responded by attacking the security firm. An hour ago, Anon seized control of the internet security firm's website, defaced its pages, acquired 60,000 company e-mails, deleted backup files, seized Barr's Twitter account, and took down the founder's website.

NASA and the European Space Agency have announced missions to search for life on Europa. Just as long as they don't attempt a landing there. Also, we now have the first full view of the Sun. STEREO has given us the first view of the entire sun on February 6, 2011 and when coupled with SDO, will give us complete views of the sun's entire surface and atmosphere for the next 8 years.

DigitalTrends compared four tablets. After dominating the tablet market since its inception, the iPad's one-year anniversary will bring major competition, including RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola's Xoom, and Dell's Streak 7. We lined them all up to see whether any of them will ultimately manage to topple the reigning champ. HotHardware have a hands-on preview of the Dell Streak 7 as well.

Callan spotted this story of a retired Gurkha taking on 40 robbers on a train while armed with only his khukari (although I thought it was Khukri?) knife, and fighting them all off. While in the train, Maurya Express from Ranchi to Gorakhpur, on September 2, 2010, 35 year-old Bishnu saved a girl about to be raped by the train robbers in front of her helpless parents.

ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional (17 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-February-2011  12:32:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

DiGiTaL MoNkEY checked out this P67 motherboard from ASRock, designed in partnership with professional gamer "Fatal1ty". As you might imagine there's a few gaming and overclocking features, not to mention a fancy colour scheme:

Click for the review!

Monday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-February-2011  02:42:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Gigabyte have a SATA Check Application which you can use to see if your motherboard (Gigabyte or other brands) is affected by the Sandy Bridge recall, and if you are currently using the affected ports. The utility is a simple program that will work on any 6 series chipset based mobo, and has 3 possible scenarios that offer advice for users to configure their SATA devices. To operate, simply copy this utility to your P67/H67 system’s Windows desktop and unzip, then double click the “67sfck.exe” file.

I'm assuming this isn't real, but it's a Superbowl ad, so who knows. Anyway, Chevrolet are advertising a car that
reads Facebook for you
. An early Super Bowl ad peek has revealed that the aforesaid automobile has the ability to read back statuses on command, giving you one less reason to keep your mind on the task at hand (read: driving) and one more reason to make The Zuck even richer.

Here's a useful site with dying hard drive sounds. These are some typical sounds we hear in our data recovery lab. If your hard drive makes noises like these and you are still able to access your files - backup immediately.

Delimiter have some photos of the NBN termination units. Regular Delimiter reader and all-round telco commentator Michael Wyres was at a NBN Co briefing this week and took these shots of the company’s internal and external network termination units, which will be installed in homes and businesses.

Tweaktown hooked up 24 SSDs to an LSI Megaraid adapter. Today we are taking a look at the LSI MegaRAID 9280-24i4e, the flagship model in the MegaRAID lineup. The 9280 Series uses the same MegaRAID Storage Manager Software that we feel is the best in the industry and also shares all of the cutting edge features, like SSD Guard. The 9280-24i4e does have a big advantage over our daily use MegaRAID controller and that is its ability to run 24 internal SATA / SAS ports and an additional 4 external ports at the same time. This is done without port multipliers and all SATA / SAS connections go back to the MegaRAID 9280-24i4e."

Senator Conroy is backing an R18+ games rating. “I’ve always supported the R-rating and did so long before the Government made its decision,” he said. “Just because it’s a video game doesn’t mean it should have a different classification system to movies and all other things.”

However, he says the Internet Filter is still on track for July 2011. Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, claims the voluntary Internet filter is on track for implementation by Optus, Telstra and iPrimus this year and has denied any suggestion it's on the backburner.

Monday Morning Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-February-2011  02:19:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD7 LGA1155 “Sandy Bridge” Motherboard on FutureLooks.
Asus E35M1-M PRO Micro ATX AMD Fusion board on OC3D.
MSI Big Bang P67 Marshal on Guru3D.
MSI Big Bang Marshal Motherboard on TBreak.
ASRock P67 Extreme6 Motherboard on MadShrimps.
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe – Fully Loaded Mid-Range on TechReaction.
Sapphire PURE Black X58 Intel Motherboard on Modders-Inc.

Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB on Bjorn3D.
LSI WarpDrive SLP300 300GB PCI Express SSD on LegitReviews.
QNAP TS-419P+ Turbo NAS on OCOnline.
Corsair Force Series F90 90 GB Solid State Drive on TechARP.

Portable & Prebuilt:
Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 on BusinessComputingWorld.
HP Pavilion P6710F desktop on TechReviewSource.

Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 DDR3-1866 8GB Dual Channel Memory Kit on ThinkComputers.
Crucial Ballistix 4GB DDR3-2133 on PureOC.
G.Skill Ripjaws-X Series PC3-17066 4GB Kit on Tweaktown.

Power Supply:
Akasa Essential Power 300 W Power Supply on HWSecrets.
Seventeam ST-650PWL Power Supply on HWSecrets.

CA Technologies Online Backup Software on TechWareLabs.
iTwin Remote File Access System on TestFreaks.
NZXT Bunker USB Locking Device on Tweaktown.
Canon Pixma MG5220 All-in-One Printer on HWSecrets.
Gunnar Optiks Shredder Digital Eyewear on BenchmarkReviews.
NZXT Bunker Secure USB 2.0 Drive Bay on LegitReviews.

Sunday Morning Reviews (1 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 6-February-2011  02:46:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Video Cards:
AMD HD 6950 1GB vs. NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti Overclocking on Techgage.
ASUS GeForce GTX 580 DirectCU II vs Gainward GeForce GTX 580 Phantom3 on HWHeaven.
ASUS GTX 570 on OCClub.
EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti SuperClocked on NinjaLane.
MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II on OC3D.
GIGABYTE GTX 480 SOC: Faster Than The GTX 580? on Bjorn3D.

Nexus Prominent 9 – Premium Silent Case on TechReaction.
Lian Li PC-A04 on TechPowerUp.
In Win Dragon Rider on HWSecrets.
In Win IronClad on Tweaknews.
Galaxis Ares Mid-Tower on OCIA.

Input Etc:
VisionTek CandyBoard Bluetooth Edition keyboard on PureOC.
Cooler Master Spawn on OCClub.
Coolermaster CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse on XSReviews.

Audio Visual:
Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset on ThinkComputers.
Roccat Vire ROC-14-200 Mobile Communication Gaming Headset on eTeknix.
Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 2.1 Speaker System on Tweaktown.
MP4Nation Brainwavz M1 In-ears on TechPowerUp.
SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset for iPod, iPhone and iPad on HWHeaven.

CM Storm Strike Force SF-19 Laptop Cooler on BenchmarkReviews.
Air Cooler Roundup - Arctic Cooling vs. Thermaltake on Metku.
TITAN Hati CPU Cooler on NeoSeeker.
Evercool HPKC-10025EA Heatpipe Low Profile CPU Cooler on FunkyKit.
Titan Hati CPU Cooler on HWSecrets.

Misc Pics (34 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 4-February-2011  11:58:06 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Busy day today so posting these a bit early in case I have to rush off. Thanks to Steve2004, Jay, Dinuc and Darren this week. :)

And if you're after more, check out this Wiki page which lists ALL "misc pics" news posts from the archive.

Friday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 4-February-2011  02:07:55 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Intel's Sandy Bridge recall has shaken up the market pretty seriously. NewEgg, the giant US-based retailer, have a video explaining the situation. All the major manufacturers have issued statements as well: Intel, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, ASRock, thanks d1ng0d4n. OCAU Major Sponsor Computer Alliance have stated their policy also.

Facebook have a new feature that has people worried about privacy, so here's how to disable it. Provided you are logged into Facebook, certain websites like Pandora and Bing can ‘personalise’ their sites with data provided from your account. Any information which is set to ‘Everyone’, like your name or your birthday can be used to make the website appear more friendly and tuned in.

ArsTechnica ponder just how green green drives really are. In terms of cost, using a green hard drive compared to a normal one makes very little difference. Assuming your drive spends 4 hours reading and writing and 20 hours idle per day, switching from the WD Black to Green saves you only 45 kilowatt-hours per year. The national average cost of a kilowatt-hour is 11.93 cents, netting you a whopping $5.38 per year for your sacrifice of 1800 RPM. For comparison, changing one 60-watt lightbulb used 4 hours a day to a 7-watt fluorescent one saves you more, about $9.23 per year.

PCWorld have more info about the recent Logitech cash-back promotion that lasted a few hours at most. Peripherals manufacturer Logitech has reported what it calls "unprecedented demand" for a cash-back offer it announced for the month of February on selected mice, keyboards and accessories. $300,000 of cash-back funds allocated to the offer was exhausted halfway through the first day of February.

Canada's Government has indicated it will step in to remove broadband caps, overturning a decision by the regulator. It would not prevent the big Internet providers from continuing to use metered billing as they have for years. But the fact that smaller providers could offer unlimited accounts has likely acted as a competitive check on the market and helped keep prices from rising.

PC Perspective have some thoughts on NVIDIA, ARM, Tegra 3 and beyond. For years NVIDIA has been hiring engineers with CPU backgrounds, and with the Tegra series of products we finally see what they have been working on. NVIDIA has foregone trying to get a x86 license, and instead is jumping with both feet into the world of ARM processors. It's also worth considering that Intel would still be able to sell LGA1155 CPUs (despite their own chipset being recalled) if nVIDIA had been given a license to make chipsets for it. :)

LegionHW have a guide to overclocking the GeForce GTX 560 Ti, while MadShrimps cover Sandy Bridge overclocking. Slowly but steadily Clarkdale and Lynnfield will become End Of Life and will be phased out. At the Sandy Bridge Tech conference the representatives of Intel said that the current S1366 i7 lineup (Bloomfield and Gulftown) will remain their high end platform.

Google and Bing have been facing off over the last couple of days, after an article claimed Bing is copying Google search results. The Bing team have responded, and Google have followed up with more info. However you define copying, the bottom line is, these Bing results came directly from Google. I’d like to give you some background and details of our experiments that lead us to understand just how Bing is using Google web search results. Some more info here, thanks mpot. Discussion here.

Gaming Cabinet (19 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 3-February-2011  13:55:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Simon sent in these pictures of a customised gaming cabinet that have been doing the email rounds. Nothing too amazing, but quite a cool project:

Thursday Lunchtime Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 3-February-2011  12:58:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Power Supply:
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W PSU on OCIA.
ADATA HM-1200 1200W Power Supply on Tweaktown.

Motherboard & CPU:
Zotac IONITX-P-E Mini-ITX Motherboard on ThinkComputers.
Asus E35M1-M Pro AMD Fusion Mini-ITX Motherboard on eTeknix.
ECS H67H2-I Motherboard on HWSecrets.
ASUS P8P67 Pro LGA 1155 ATX Motherboard on PCPerspective.

Portable & Prebuilt:
Mobile GPU Battle, Radeon vs GeForce w/ Eurocom on HotHardware.
ViewSonic gTablet Tegra 2 Tablet on HotHardware.
Alienware M17x R3 with 3D Vision Gaming Laptop on HWHeaven.

Antec SpotCool System Case Fan eTeknix.
Zalman CNPS 9900 Max Video Review on OC3D.
Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler on Pro-Clockers.
Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 CPU Cooler on HWSecrets.

Audio Visual:
iui Design BeLive Bluetooth Portable Speaker on TechWareLabs.
USB Gaming Headsets reviewed - Arctic Sound P531 and Razer Banshee on Metku.
Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray Player on Tweaknews.
Casio Exilim EX-H20G camera on TechReviewSource.

Video Cards:
Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB GC on Tweaktown.
ASUS GeForce GT 440 1 GB on TechPowerUp.
Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti Sonic on Tweaktown.

Thermaltake Max5G Active Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure on Pro-Clockers.
Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB & FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra 500GB Mobile HDD on OCClub.
Muskin Callisto Deluxe Solid State Drive on BenchmarkReviews.
Runcore ProV 240GB SSD on TheSSDReview.
HyperX MAX 3.0 128gb Portable USB 3.0 SSD on TestFreaks.

Input Etc:
Mionix Naos 3200 gaming mouse on OCOnline.
Cooler Master Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse on PureOC.

Raidmax Blackstorm on TechPowerUp.
Zalman Z9 Plus on HWSecrets.
Fractal Design Define XLR on XSReviews.

NZXT Bunker in-bay locking USB Hub on NeoSeeker.
G.Skill RipjawsX Sandy Bridge F3-12800 CL7 1600MHz memory on Vortez.

Projects Flashback (6 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-February-2011  17:54:27 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Our last Projects Flashback was quite popular, so here's a look back at some more interesting things from the last year or so, that deserve another look:

doodz had a
32TB file server build

slipperyskip's Level Eleven
wowed us all

while STUdog had a
massive custom server

Raminator's Juggernaut
had 4-way SLI, watercooled

toasti0 built a PC
into a car wheel

and STUdog also had
an impressive PC build

Cyclone Yasi (16 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-February-2011  14:03:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

OCAU member CaillinS13 has put up a streaming webcam from his apartment window in Townsville. I'm not sure how many viewers it can handle, but it's at 2500 and rising so far. Update: Archades has one in Mourilyan here.

Discussion of the cyclone continues in this thread.

Wednesday Morning (20 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-February-2011  02:44:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few people pointed out a 100% cash back offer on certain Logitech goodies this month. During February Logitech will be offering consumers a full cash refund on some of its keyboards, mice, webcams, headsets and laptop accessories. The company is offering a total $300,000 of cash-back incentives on the purchase of seven products ranging from a $20 wired mouse to a $60 laptop cooling pad. Update: The fund of cash ran out within hours of the promotion starting, apparently. Seems a little short-sighted by Logitech.

Sydney Ferry passengers can now enjoy free WiFi. NSW Transport Minister John Robertson said that from today all First Fleet ferries, including the Charlotte, Golden Grove, Scarborough, Friendship, Borrowdale and all Manly ferries will offer free Wi-Fi.

Internode CEO Simon Hackett has bowed out of the Top Geek contest. "It would be of no surprise to any of you to appreciate that I had easily qualified into the contestant list for the next rounds of the competition, in terms of the number of votes I'd obtained," wrote Hackett. "The issue here was starting to turn into one of 'It's fun, but what if he won?' — in the sense that (on reflection) I'm kinda a professional geek, and it's hardly fair for me to be usurping the chance for one more 'amateur geek' to get a great prize and a trip to the USA."

NetGear's CEO has praised the NBN and criticized Apple recently. thanks JD. The NBN, he said, would lead to a "gold rush of cloud computing services", in a similar way that the mainstream acceptance of the internet 10 years ago led to an explosion in ISPs.

Canada are feeling the sting of no-longer-unlimited internet. Starting on March 1, Ontario TekSavvy members who subscribed to the 5Mbps plan have a new usage cap of 25GB, "substantially down from the 200GB or unlimited deals TekSavvy was able to offer before the CRTC's decision to impose usage based billing," the message added.

Meanwhile Australia's regional IP address registry APNIC have been allocated the last "general use" stock of IPv4 addresses, thanks Cameron. APNIC used the allocation notification to further stress the need for migration to IPv6, which is expected to last the internet for decades. With 250 million IPv4 addresses consumed during 2010 and few providers publicly trialling or implementing IPv6 migration patterns, Huston said the transition to the new protocol will not happen as smoothly as originally intended.

CNET have more info on the Sandy Bridge recall. Bottom line: if you are a consumer who's run out and grabbed a high-end laptop or desktop gaming rig in the last few weeks with an Intel quad-core processor billed as Intel's Second Generation Intel Core Processor, then you potentially have a problem.

Google have an interesting new technology that lets people tweet via voicemail. The idea being that if you're in somewhere where the Government has turned off the Internet (hi Egypt) you can still update the world on what's going on. We worked with a small team of engineers from Twitter, Google and SayNow, a company we acquired last week, to make this idea a reality. It’s already live and anyone can tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers.

On a related note, both ZDNet and Computerworld wonder how easily Australia could be cut off from the net. Although Australia has been a stable democracy for 110 years now, shutting off the country's internet would be surprisingly easy to do and take just minutes, according to telecommunications experts. Following reports on Egypt's internet shutdown, Budde.com analyst Paul Budde said the government had the power to force internet service providers (ISPs) to shut down the internet if it chose to.

Queensland is in for another rough couple of days with Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi expected to hit in less than 24h, before which it may well reach Category 5. ABC have an updating feed from various social networks, while News.com.au have live coverage. NOAA have some scary images of the storm. It's probably worth keeping an eye on the BOM warnings summary page, and we have a discussion thread here. All the best to those in the storm's path.

Wednesday Morning Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-February-2011  01:03:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Portable & Prebuilt:
Lenovo IdeaPad U260 12.5" Laptop on TechSpot.
GreenSmart Bottles to Bags Horizontal Notebook Messenger Bag on TestFreaks.
Asus U41JF-A1 on TechReviewSource.
Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5126 AMD E-240 15-in Notebook on PC Perspective.
HTC Evo Shift 4G smartphone on HotHardware.
Magellan RoadMate 3065 GPS on TechReviewSource.
Alienware M17X10: A Close Encounter on InsideHW.

Motherboard & CPU:
Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 LGA1366 board on OCClub.
Sapphire Pure Black X58 LGA1366 board on PureOC.
ASUS P8P67 EVO LGA1155 board on OCIA.
MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 board on OC3D.

Video Cards:
ASUS ENGTX560 Ti DirectCU II TOP on Bjorn3D.
MSI N560GTX-Ti GeForce on BenchmarkReviews.
AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB on TechGage.
Radeon HD 6950 1GB vs GeForce GTX 560 Ti on Guru3D.
ASUS HD 6950 2GB Overclock Edition on Bjorn3D.
Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti SONIC Edition on NeoSeeker.

Western Digital Scorpio Black 500GB 2.5'' HDD on MadShrimps.
Areca ARC-1880ix-24 PCI-E x8 SATA/SAS RAID Controller w/ 24 Crucial RealSSD C300s on Tweaktown.
Asus SBW-06C1S-U Slim USB External Blu-Ray Writer on Tweaknews.
Thermaltake BlacX 5G Hard Drive Docking Station on LegitReviews.
Intel 310 Series 80GB FULL SSD on TheSSDReview.
Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 128GB external SSD on PureOC.
Zalman S-Series 128GB Solid State Drive on ThinkComputers.
Intel 310 Series SSD on FunkyKit.

Antec DF-85 Full Tower on OCOnline.
Lian Li PC-V2120A Full Tower on PC Perspective.
Xigmatek Pantheon midtower on Vortez.

Input Etc:
alugraphics gamerPRO Aluminium Mousepad on eTeknix.
SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse on eTeknix.
Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse on TBreak.

Audio Visual:
ASUS Xonar Xense Audio Card & Headphones on NeoSeeker.
Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control on HWSecrets.

Zalman CNPS5X-SZ CPU Cooler on Pro-Clockers.
CoolIT Vantage CPU Water Cooler on HWSecrets.

OCZ Platinum XTE PC3-16000 2x2GB memory on APHNetworks.
TextExpander 3 macro software on TestFreaks.

VTX3D Radeon HD 6970 2GB (2 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-February-2011  13:34:25 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Today DiGiTaL MoNkEY has taken a look at a Radeon HD 6970 from Vertex3D, sister company of PowerColor:

Click for the review!

Sandy Bridge Recall (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-February-2011  11:47:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Thanks to everyone who sent word of Intel's announcement of a flaw in the recently-released Sandy Bridge chipsets. In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD-drives. The chipset is utilized in PCs with Intel's latest Second Generation Intel Core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge. Intel has stopped shipment of the affected support chip from its factories. Intel has corrected the design issue, and has begun manufacturing a new version of the support chip which will resolve the issue. ...

For computer makers and other Intel customers that have bought potentially affected chipsets or systems, Intel will work with its OEM partners to accept the return of the affected chipsets, and plans to support modifications or replacements needed on motherboards or systems. The systems with the affected support chips have only been shipping since January 9th and the company believes that relatively few consumers are impacted by this issue. The only systems sold to an end customer potentially impacted are Second Generation Core i5 and Core i7 quad core based systems. ...

For the first quarter of 2011, Intel expects this issue to reduce revenue by approximately $300 million as the company discontinues production of the current version of the chipset and begins manufacturing the new version. Full-year revenue is not expected to be materially affected by the issue. Total cost to repair and replace affected materials and systems in the market is estimated to be $700 million.

Coverage on Anandtech, Tech Report and PC Perspective. So if you were thinking of moving to Sandy Bridge, best to wait a little while until the fixed chipset motherboards appear on the market. Discussion here.


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