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Even earlier friday morning. (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 4-October-2002  02:10:31 (GMT +10) - by Darkness'

ZZZ has issue 146 out to cure all your insane cravings. This time they have "Laser defense jets, Very cool new solar technology, Keeping Venice afloat and Artificial eye-focusing"

Logitech have gone all out and released an 8 button version of their optical mouse. Both corded (MX500) and cordless (MX700). The cordless version has a docking/charging station. Picture here and specs here(Mx500) and here(Mx700). Thanks petal666.

It's been around for a while now, but Decker seems to want more people playing Soldat. Pretty crazy fun.

There is an article entitled Socket A Upgrade Potential: Tips, Tricks, and Overclocking. Might be worth checking out.

Apparently, Telstra is to stop rolling out pair gain. Also, AOL|7 moving to broadband.

A report has found that $20 Million worth of Sydney School PCs have been stolen over last 7 years. Ouch!

Also, Wireless Broadband is starting to heat up! The competition, not the service :)

HardOCP have a roundup of waterblocks for all you hardcore coolers.

Kasar sent in a funny story about the RIAA suing radio stations for giving out free music. Yes, it IS a joke.

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