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Wednesday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 7-December-2011  20:23:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A Facebook privacy flaw has been exploited, with Mark Zuckerberg's private photos exposed to demonstrate the flaw, thanks Rezin. After reporting a public profile picture as inappropriate because of “nudity or pornography”, intruders were offered the chance to report more photographs posted by the same user. Facebook then presented them with a thumbnail gallery of private images which could be enlarged by making a simple change in the browser address bar and downloaded.

Also feeling a little sheepish are the Mythbusters, after a cannonball left the testing area and flew through a nearby neighbourhood. There, the 6-inch projectile bounced in front of a home on quiet Cassata Place, ripped through the front door, raced up the stairs and blasted through a bedroom, where a man, woman and child slept through it all - only awakening because of plaster dust. The ball wasn't done bouncing.

Takai pointed out that Google's calculator can now display graphs, like this one. More info here. The Google graph drawing feature is a pretty powerful tool that supports simple numbers and exponents but functions such as sine and cosine as well. It won't be enough to do your homework for you, but it’s a good control feature and certainly a nifty free tool for math in higher education as well.

Apple have apparently lost the right to call an iPad an iPad in China, thanks TheWedgie. The court agreed, ruling that the Shenzhen-based company holds the rights to the iPad trademark in the Chinese market, the Daily reported. Proview is seeking $1 billion-plus compensation from Apple for copyright infringement.

If you have an Android phone, there seem to be some very cheap apps today. Something interesting is going on in the Android Market this morning. A bunch of our favorite apps are suddenly going for a dime, with no real rhyme or reason for the discount. @dirkyd3rlc and @Pat_Huey on Twitter alerted us to SwiftKey and Minecraft on sale for 10 cents, and we've found others.

Anandtech looked into why Ivy Bridge is still quad-core. A couple days ago, we published our Ivy Bridge Desktop Lineup Overview in which we mentioned that Ivy Bridge will remain a quad-core solution. There are dozens of forum posts with people asking why there's no hex-core Ivy Bridge, so now seems like a good time to address the question.

Don your tinfoil hats, because the US Government has a new eavesdropping machine. t's likely Anderson is not alone in her concerns that the government may be monitoring what Americans say, write, and read. And now there may be even more to worry about: a newly revealed security research project called PRODIGAL -- the Proactive Discovery of Insider Threats Using Graph Analysis and Learning -- which has been built to scan IMs, texts and emails . . . and can read approximately a quarter billion of them a day.

Arctic have a survey and giveaway. The respondents who successfully complete and submit the questionnaire by 18.12.2011. would have a chance to win a Gaming Headset P531. All the information we collect will be used only for the purposes of research and will not be released to anyone else.

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