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Friday Arvo (circa beer o clock) (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 4-October-2002  17:29:17 (GMT +10) - by Lujan

what? We are supposed to get peanuts! And I thought I was doing this out of the goodness of my heart.

First up, a dream come true for all you helpdesk employees, Tech-Report have reviewed a PCI card that can restore a users computer to the way it was before they, a> opened that virus, b> deleted the windows directory cause it was taking up space, or c> tried to install kazaa and now are inundated with gator adds.

OC Addiction have a article for all you budding case modders, Case Modding 101.

A first for everything, this bill in the US senate actually increases your right to copy stuff, rather than limits it. Thanks Mitch

Robert let us know that there is yet another virtual keyboard available, kinda makes my ps2 kb/mouse feel obselete.

Want to build yourself a robot? This Zdnet Article shows you how to turn a laptop into a robot. Thanks Bill.

nza sent word that 3dAvenue have a sneak preview of Microsoft's Age of Mytholgy

Josh sent word that the US State Dept Website was hacked

Vindaloo sent word that Sooty got high, and was sensored on British TV.

Finally, Leppermessiah sent word that Nokia 7650 owners can now play doom on their phones.

USB Light Gun on MonkeyReview. (do they get peanuts?)
Asus KT400 MB on Hardwarezone.
Samsung Yepp-30SH MP3 Player on EnvyNews.
Shuttle SS50 on Sudhian.
Cool Mod on Overclockercafe.
AMS G-Mono Midtower Case on OCIA.
ATI Remote on Tweaknews.

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