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Sunday News (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 6-October-2002  15:55:47 (GMT +10) - by Torment

Zdent reports that Microsoft next week plans to disclose more details of a forthcoming update to its Exchange Server communications software, including new features for the Outlook e-mail program. More info over @ Zdnet.com

e-Week reports also on Microsoft that they intend to release a killer application for the Tablet-PC, to do with an electronic publishing solution. More on that over @ eWEEK.com

The Word over @ PalmInfocenter is that Sony has announced their OS 5 NX Series. The website says that these models run Palm OS 5 on a 200mhz ARM CPU (Intel XScale PAX250). They have a high-Resolution TFT 320x480 screen, 16 MB RAM, 16 MB ROM, a new wireless expansion slot, Memory Stick slot, a built-in voice recorder, MP3 player and an internal mini keyboard. You can find pictures and more info over @ Palminfocenter.com

ExtremeTech and Arstechnica have gone into some detail on what Intels next CPU will have in store for us: Hyperthreading. You can find out all about this new feature by going to either ExtremeTech.com or Arstechinca.com

In another company note Icrontic has a detailed look at AMD's Hypertransport technology and what it will bring to the tables... More over @ Icrontic.com

Tom's Hardware Guide has a look at the new AGP 8x on the NV18 and NV25 Chipsets. More info on that over @ THG.com. Just don't expect to be in awe over the new 8x specs as most games with not benefit at all from it. But well worth a look to see what it has got for furture generations of chips, games etc.

Zdent also reports on some interesting technologies that might redefine the way we interact with our PC with what they call a "mouse gesture". There is also a story about sharing files on digital cameras without the use of a PC. More info over @ Zdnet.com

Digit-Life are reporting two new Pocket PC PDA's the Viewsonic Version and the Dell Version. Both Links have pictures and specs to boot. Also out of interest check out the price of the Viewsonic one .....

CNN reports that the U.S. government released a list of top (20) cyber-security holes on Wednesday and unveiled a system to help government techs find and patch them. More info on that over @ CNN.com

In an old note, bit-tech has a look at the Swiftech MC462-U in a what looks to be a detailed review. The Review can be found over @Bit-Tech.com

Today’s Funny Story comes to us via Mjollnir, the Daily Bull (Please note the Website name :) reports that Nvidia has unveiled a New Video Card for Porn Enthusiasts, more over @ thedailybull.com

Also, sorry for not posting any news recently, I've been trying to get over the cold or what seems to be one that I have had for the last week.

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