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Wednesday Evening (16 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 11-January-2012  20:35:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

It seems Australia just isn't post-apocalyptic enough, so we've lost Mad Max, to be filmed in Africa instead. Director George Miller had planned to shoot the new film, Fury Road, near Broken Hill, but there was too much rain last year and the usually-desert location was covered in flowers. Also enjoying the rains are these swarms of budgies, thanks Denis.

If you were excited about Comic-Con coming to Australia, it may be not quite what you think. The event is Oz Comic-Con ó a completely different event to the US show, put together by a completely different company, yet using the same brand as the 15-year-old San Diego event. Immediately after our initial report on Oz Comic-Con we received a number of comments ó emails, phone calls, messages ó none of them were complimentary.

Here's a scary set of datacentre photos - glad I don't work there!

HWHeaven compared Radeon 7970 Overclocked vs GTX 580 Overclocked vs 6970 Overclocked. With the only "launch day" 7970 that features an enhanced cooler and factory overclock in hand we decided to put it up against overclocked GTX 580 3GB and Radeon 6970 cards to see what the performance looked like... when each is overclocked to the fastest speeds available to buy, what performs best in the latest games such as Battlefield 3 and Skyrim?

Here's a clever ad from LG. Thereís no sound, itís in black and white, and the frame rate is stuttered, but this ad from LG has me completely sold. Unfortunately I canít tell you exactly what theyíre selling, because it would totally ruin the gag. So just make sure to watch this commercial all the way to the end for the payoff, ok? I promise itís totally worth a minute of your life. (Note: Promise not guaranteed.)

Phi sent in this creepy Steve Jobs action figure, which of course has resulted in legal threats from Apple. At 1:6 scale, the Steve Jobs doll comes with all the clothes and accessories the real-life Apple founder made familiar, from his black turtleneck and Levis to his New Balance shoes and two pairs of wire-rim glasses. The Steve Jobs action figure also comes with a stool and a backdrop that reads, "One More Thing..." as well as two red apples, one with a bite out of it. The (very unofficial) Apple doll also comes in three types of Jobs-esque gestures.

John spotted this android tablet review on ArsTechnica, where they hate it. :) It really says something when some of your customers ask the Internet whether they got the right thing when they received your product, or whether it got switched out with some joke Chinese knockoff that's not really supposed to work. I actually got a cheap Android tablet recently and am quite impressed with it. I even got ICS (mostly) working a few days ago.

Today's timewaster is Neon Rider, a cross between a trials game and a Tron lightcycle game, from biatch.

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