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Monday Night (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-January-2012  21:13:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

If you're in Sydney, keep an eye out for Food Trucks doing the rounds. The 10 trucks taking the streets are mixing it up with the likes of burgers, tacos, burritos, spelt pizze, steamed pork buns, things on sticks, healthy breakfast foods and fresh juices as well as grilled meats and pulled pork sandwiches. The trucks will be making their way around Sydney and will be confirming their locations closer to feeding time via Facebook and Twitter.

A few people sent in this Twitter photo which is apparently of 4KB of ancient IBM memory. 4K of IBM memory found in my grandpa's pole barn, captured in a 692K photo. Kudos to anyone who finds the model/etc of it.

TorrentFreak have an interesting opinion piece on Australia's copyright colonialism. The Canberra Wikileaks cables revealed the US Embassy sanctioned a conspiracy by Hollywood studios to target Australian communications company iiNet through the local court-system, with the aim of establishing a binding common-law precedent which would make ISPs responsible for the unauthorised file-sharing of their customers.

In the wake of the Megaupload shutdown, people are considering what it means for legitimate users and if it shakes people's faith in cloud services. Does US territory now extend to cyberspace? According to the US Department of Justice, the New Zealand Police arrested MegaUpload staff in Auckland that were citizens of Finland, Germany and The Netherlands using warrants “requested by the United States.”

A few people also sent in this video of a ringtone interrupting a classical soloist. Instead of stopping the music altogether (like what happened at a New York Philharmonic concert earlier this month when an iPhone’s “marimba” ringtone so blatantly interrupted the music that the conductor stopped the entire orchestra), Lukáš picked up on the Nokia noise, playing it more beautifully than we’ve ever heard.

Royal Pingdom have some big numbers about the Internet in 2011. So what happened with the Internet in 2011? How many email accounts were there in the world in 2011? How many websites? How much did the most expensive domain name cost? How many photos were hosted on Facebook? How many videos were viewed to YouTube?

Games.on.net checked out a new Karting sim from an Australian developer. The game will eschew arcade antics and instead deliver in-depth, serious karting action for fans of the sport. Griffin has been working away on the game for over five years now, but with KartSim approaching its beta release, we figured it was time to have a look at this promising independent project.

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