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Thursday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 23-February-2012  14:47:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The internet seems a bit flaky today, so if you're having trouble accessing various sites, stay tuned.

Microsoft have launched a direct attack on Google Apps, thanks rushyn. In response to what is undoubtedly increased pressure from Google’s cloud-based productivity suite, Microsoft has launched an all-out assault on Google and its cloud-based Google Apps product. According to Microsoft, Google’s productivity suite is a joke — a sad side project where Google moonlights in its downtime and uses unwitting corporations as guinea pigs — and businesses would be crazy to play Google’s game. Why are Microsoft's videos always so agonisingly cheesy?

Megaupload's founder Kim Dotcom has been released from prison in NZ. The Megaupload founder will also be denied access to the Internet. Dotcom’s lawyer Paul Davison tried to lift the Internet restriction by arguing that it was unrealistic since his client has to stay in touch with his US-based defense team. “It’s like saying he shouldn’t have access to a telephone, it’s such a fundamental means of communication,” Davison noted.

Meanwhile Scroogle has shut down, thanks duckling. After enduring DDOS attacks “around the clock” that sent a flood of unsustainable traffic to his servers, Mr. Brandt took down the search engine along with his other four domains, namebase.org, google-watch.org, cia-on-campus.org, and book-grab.com. His theory is that he was being attacked by hackers with a personal vendetta.

If you've got a Counter Strike: Global Offensive closed beta key, then Gamers United have some good news for you. Gamers United is excited to announce that we are the FIRST gaming community in Australasia with the rights to host CS:GO Closed Beta servers just for you!! That’s right – Gamers United have 10 servers available for you hidden away in a bunker at an undisclosed location in NSW!!

PCPerspective wonder about the future of NAND. A paper, titled “The Bleak Future of NAND Flash Memory” was recently jointly published by the University of California and Microsoft Research. It has been picked up by many media outlets who all seem to be beating the same morbid drum, spinning tales of a seemingly apocalyptic end to the reign of flash-based storage devices. While I agree with some of what these authors have to say, I have reservations about the methods upon which the paper is based.

The EFF have info on clearing your Google footprint before the upcoming unification of Google privacy policies and services. On March 1st, Google will implement its new, unified privacy policy, which will affect data Google has collected on you prior to March 1st as well as data it collects on you in the future. Until now, your Google Web History (your Google searches and sites visited) was cordoned off from Google's other products.

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