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Friday Afternoon (11 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 24-February-2012  13:23:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I started using Google's Chrome browser last night, as Firefox seems to have turned into a fat slow monster on my PC lately. I have to say I'm fairly impressed - it's certainly faster!

Speaking of which, Google say they will support Do Not Track in Chrome soon. Google's change of heart came as the White House today pushed a privacy bill of rights and said it would introduce new online privacy legislation in Congress. Chrome joins other browsers -- Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Mozilla's Firefox -- which can already transmit special information with every HTTP page request that tells sites the user does not want to be tracked.

Less positive are reports from OhSmeg about the UN threat to Internet Freedom and new data retention laws in the UK. For the first time, the security services will have widespread access to information about who has been communicating with each other on social networking sites such as Facebook. Direct messages between subscribers to websites such as Twitter would also be stored, as well as communications between players in online video games.

Dodo are putting their hands up in apology for the short but major outage of Australian internet yesterday. "To be perfectly frank the extent of what happened was more than anybody could've thought," Dodo managing director Larry Kestelman told this website in an interview, adding his team was still investigating exactly what caused the issue. Presumably Telstra are investigating how their own network was so badly affected by an issue on someone else's, too.

If you have a Tesla electric car, don't leave it off when flat. Electric car maker Tesla is defending claims its cars become immobilised if the battery ever becomes completely discharged. This results in a battery replacement cost of about one-fifth the car's $206,000 sticker price. Tesla owners in the US who have parked their vehicles with low battery power remaining - for as little as a week - have found their cars had become "bricks" that could not be re-charged. More here.

Tech Report have updated their system guide for March 2012. Of course, people build new PCs every day, and our readers deserve the most up-to-date component selection guidance. That's why we've put together a fresh system guide update with small changes and pricing tweaks, plus occasional major substitutions where necessary. Today's update should tide us over until we see new batches of next-generation processors and graphics cards arrive in the next few months.

A Shanghai court has rejected Proview's injunction, which means iPads are back on sale in China. The Pudong New Area People's Court made the decision yesterday, stating that while the Guangdong court case has yet to make a final decision on who owns the "iPad" trademark, there wasn't enough evidence on Proview's side to honor an injunction. Meanwhile the USAF has cancelled their order for 2,861 iPad 2s, apparently due to security concerns.

An Australian woman has fleeced some Nigerian scammers, but she hasn't gotten away with it. Cochrane-Ramsey was to keep eight per cent of all money paid into her account and forward the rest to the Nigerian scammers. However, the court heard she kept the two payments she received - totalling $33,350 - and spent most of it on herself. The car buyers who were ripped off reported the matter to police, who traced the account to Cochrane-Ramsey.

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