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Wednesday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 4-April-2012  01:28:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

South Australia seems to be adopting a confusing position regarding 18+ gaming, combining R18+ with MA15+. South Australia is moving ahead with plans to introduce a law that would ban anyone under the age of 18 from purchasing an MA15+-rated game. A spokesperson for South Australian Attorney-General John Rau told GameSpot AU that this move is "a more practical measure" than Rau's previously announced intention of removing the MA15+ category altogether. More here.

A recent Dick Smith sale has left customers angry. “There were hundreds of people just barging in the store, grabbing games, consoles, accessories, just to make it to the register and be told that nothing is on sale,” Mr Servat said.

British soldiers could soon have uniforms with smarter fabrics. "One of the problems with conventional cables is that breakages can be catastrophic. What we do here is build in redundancy, so that if the fabric gets cut, damaged or torn, we still have a way of re-routing the data."

OC3D played with a dual Xeon system. Why would you need to go to the trouble and expense of two CPUs if one provides all you'd ever need? That doesn't mean it's stopped us from finding out what kind of results you could expect to find from the current range of LGA2011 Xeon's when paired up with the excellent ASUS Z9 PE-D8 WS board.

Meanwhile TechReport took a closer look at some GeForce GTX 680 features. Read on for more detail than you probably deserve to have inflicted on you concerning the GeForce GTX 680's new dynamic clocking scheme, antialiasing capabilities, adaptive vsync, and more.

Tweaktown have info on a new LSI product range. Today LSI is introducing the next evolution of products - Nytro WarpDrive, Nytro XD and Nytro MegaRAID which will all be discussed in today article.

Scootre noticed that LG have begun mass production of a flexible e-paper display. Ladies and gentlemen, our dreams of flexible digital newspapers are nearly within reach: LG just announced that it has begun mass production of a 6-inch, 1024 x 768 e-paper screen that can bend by up to 40 degrees.

BenchmarkReviews have an Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide. I have detailed our recommendations to maximize the overclocking potential / scaling on ASUS' X79 series of motherboards. This guide has been developed after extensive internal testing across multiple boards, multiple UEFI builds and a high sampling rate of C0 CPUs and limited sampling of C1 stepping CPUs. While this guide is not definitive and will not contain every possible overclocking combination or guarantee results, the information detailed has been consistently duplicated and yielded repeatable results in our testing.

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