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Tuesday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 10-April-2012  14:18:20 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Hope you had a great Easter! I got back late last night, so lots to do today. Time for a little news catchup.

Jack Tramiel, founder of the Commodore computer firm, died aged 83 on the weekend, thanks Julian. Tramiel's Commodore International in 1982 released the Commodore 64, a home computer that became one of the most popular models of all time, selling close to 17 million units between 1982 and 1994. Tramiel was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1928 to a Jewish family. He survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, after which he emigrated to the U.S. in 1947. More here.

Facebook have bought Instagram, a popular photo sharing service. Its important to be clear that Instagram is not going away. Well be working with Facebook to evolve Instagram and build the network. Well continue to add new features to the product and find new ways to create a better mobile photos experience. What's particularly interesting is the behind-the-scenes financial games that went on.

However, mpot spotted some security issues in Facebook's iOS and Android apps, as well as a Dropbox one. The flaw allows anyone with physical access to your phone to copy your login credentials because, get this, both companies store your login information in unencrypted text files.

Encyclopaedia Britannica is experiencing a boost in sales of the dead tree edition since announcing it will be the last one printed. Spokesman Tom Panelas said the company expected orders to increase after the announcement, but didn't anticipate that the typical 60 orders a week would balloon to over 1,000. "The size and duration of the spike has been a little bit stronger than we expected," he said. "The first couple of days, our phone lines were overloaded. The people who take the orders were here one night past 10 o'clock... the senior executive in that area was answering phones."

HotHardware rounded up some Z77 motherboards. We have been playing with a few Z77 Express-based motherboards for the past couple of weeks, evaluated their performance, and have gathered up our data for you here. On tap in this round-up we have motherboards from MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and Intel, namely the MSI Z77A-GD65, Gigabyte Z77Z-UD5H, Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe, and Intel DZ77GA-70K. Tech Report checked them out as well.

Alch sent in this funny video of Microsoft's take on Google's Project Glass.

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