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Wednesday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-May-2012  02:35:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Harry Potter films have inspired a new blood-type test. In the story, Harry Potter writes a question in Tom Riddle's Diary: "Do you know anything about the Chamber of Secrets?". The paper responds with a 'Yes' in writing. Professor Shen says this made him think about developing a sensor that reported a blood type result in writing. Aww, I was hoping it would be some kind of magic talking hat.

RatcHeT-x wanted me to let everyone know that he's putting a band together online, with members of the Musician's forum. So if you're talented and looking for some online collaboration, check it out.

HWSecrets look us back to the Magnavox Odyssey2, an oldschool gaming console. The Odyssey2 came with two joysticks permanently attached to the console. (A version of the Odyssey2 with detachable joysticks was released later.) These joysticks look analog, but they are, in fact, digital. Since they were permanently attached to the console, you couldnít easily replace them if they broke or exchange them for a pair of paddles, options available on the Atari 2600.

HAVIC sent this ZGeek story about Tim Ashford vs Telstra. If youíve ever had a problem where your internet only works when your phone is picked up or you are on a call, itís probably due to this fault. At $130 bucks a pop, Telstra are making a killing on the incorrect callout fees whereas properly fixing the affected lines is potentially quite expensive.

Here's an odd one: you can now specify your organ donor status on Facebook. We never could have anticipated that what started as a small network would evolve into such a powerful tool for communication and problem solving. As this happens, we hope to build tools that help people transform the way we all solve worldwide social problems.

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