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Wednesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 16-May-2012  16:07:23 (GMT +10) - by Rezin

OCAU forum member leroyxx spoke to The Register about the Folding@home Chimp Challenge 2012, which started yesterday. For the ten subsequent days, eight teams will go all-out to take the coveted "Jaded Monkey" trophy, a somewhat ugly image file that only the winning community is entitled to use. Hardware Canucks currently holds the Jaded Monkey, but will be challenged by teams from Australia, the USA, Russia and multinational outfits like TechPowerup. You can find more information and discuss the challenge here.

Tech ARP have updated their CPU Comparison Guide. Currently covering 837 desktop CPUs, this comprehensive comparison will allow you to easily compare 19 different specifications for each and every CPU.

ThinkComputers looks at the history of Epic Games, who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Epic has given us some of the best first person shooters for PC, arguably the best game and franchise for the Xbox 360, and a cult-like following in the video game industry. Just thinking of some of these games brings back great memories of playing at LAN parties and on the internet with friends.

Phoronix compare the performance between Ubuntu versions 11.10 and 12.04 using Intel Sandy Bridge hardware. The tests in this article are primarily looking at the Sandy Bridge graphics performance as well as the all around processor performance for this now generation-old Intel hardware.

They also visited the Ubuntu Developer Summit which was held last week. There was a lot of interesting notes shared on Phoronix from the UDS-Q event, so here's a summary of the most prominent happenings last week as the future of Ubuntu Linux was plotted.

If you weren't aware that Kodak had a small nuclear reactor in a bunker at their research complex, you're not alone - not many did. Kodak used small research reactors, including one at Cornell University, and possessed a dollop of californium-252, a radioactive isotope that endlessly sheds neutrons. But it wanted a more potent in-house system, so in 1974 it acquired a californium neutron flux multiplier, known as a CFX.

Watch bands can be annoying sometimes, but I can't say that they annoy me enough to want to implant magnets into my arm to hold one. We applaud Dave Hurban's originality, as we would have never thought of drilling into our arm and plugging the holes with four magnets to keep the iPod nano literally close at hand.

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