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Friday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-May-2012  13:42:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

So, you may (or may not!) have noticed I've been away for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Rezin for keeping the news page going pretty much single-handedly in my absence. I was in the USA, getting my fill of blues and BBQ in the deep south, in an enormous hire car, with Sciby. More on that later - in the meantime, here's some news.

The ACCC is looking into online price inflation, thanks d00dz. The competition regulator has announced it will investigate clothing importers who are making deals with international online stores to inflate prices for Australian shoppers. There are reports that some fashion importers and retailers are asking international websites to increase prices for Australian shoppers or restrict sales of particular brands.

A Call of Duty trojan has earned a hacker 18 months in prison. After gamers installed the fake patch, the 20-year-old was able to remotely monitored computer users' keystrokes, stealing bank details, credit card numbers, passwords, codes and other personal information. While it's not reported that he used any of these stolen log ins himself, Martin allegedly sold them to "crooks and villains" who certainly did, stashing the proceeds in an off-shore bank account in Costa Rica.

Outy spotted this Google Street View prank apparently played on Volkswagen by rival FIAT. Fiat's Swedish base of operations is just 45 minutes away from the VW building, so the prank wouldn't have taken very long to pull off, but just how Fiat knew that Google Street View was in the area is a mystery. But judging by past pre-planned Street View gags, it's clear that once someone spots the car, word travels fast.

The modding community is working together to raise money to help one of their own with some serious health issues. bit-tech member, JohnHanlon303 lives with incurable Asbestos Poisoning, which leaves him with 40% lung capacity. He can no longer be employed with this condition. Hes filed paperwork for Government financial assistance, but won't see 1st check until this April. Until then, he needs financial help with living expenses and medical prescriptions. To help raise money for John, I've teamed up with Darth Beavis to build a custom PC, to auction off on Ebay.

Facebook are lining up for a an even bigger IPO than expected. Facebook has priced its initial public offering at $US38 a share, giving the world's No. 1 online social network a $US104 billion valuation amid strong demand for the stock. The company and its funders stand to reap as much as $US18.4 billion ($18.6 billion) from the IPO, if the extra shares reserved to cover additional demand are sold too, making it the sixth largest share offering in history. Discussion continues here.

Some close friends of mine have a child with food allergies. They've been involved in the creation of a short film to help spread awareness of this issue. Hopefully viewing and sharing this film can prevent or reduce the number of allergic reactions in kids like Peter and other allergy sufferers. These reactions, which can have fatal results, are often caused by naivety, ignorance or malicious actions (bullying) which are preventable by just understanding what some people live with and the issues that people face in everyday life. Website here, YouTube video here, Facebook page here. Discussion thread here.

Issue 19 of The Overclocker is now available for reading.

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