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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 14-October-2002  21:47:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Happy Birthday to Soc for yesterday! Congrats also to Darkness for getting his motorcycle L's. :)

Heist spotted this Google Fight thing.. pit your favourite keywords against each other.

Want to go into space? Win this gameshow and you could.. thanks Trojan.

Firemoth found this funny dumb criminal acts website.

KanaL's PC has a disco for Lego-men happening inside it. :) F1racer's setup is nice too, with a hidden phase-change cooler tucked away under it. Nothing_704's is just a big old monster of a thing.

IQ2HI sent in this Red Cross blood stocks website with info for each Australian state.. you might be in demand!

Normally "CD piracy" has nothing to do with the traditional out-at-sea kind of pirate.. but now it's not so clear, with CD pirates heading offshore too. Thanks Luke.

From Val: I recently downloaded detonator 30.87 from the microsoft XP updates. Not sure what these drivers do but they have solved a problem i was having with 3dmark 2001 SE crashing. Scored a reasonable 10345.

I dunno what it is about those Apple / Switch ads.. I find them oddly compelling. There's a few new ones and I've watched them all, now. Maybe I'm just a slave to marketing.. I still can't afford a Mac, tho. :)

Sin22 notes this depressing snippet on xbit that suggests the AthlonXP 2800+ is about the end of the line, speedwise, for that CPU family.

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