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Friday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 22-June-2012  13:57:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Japan has passed a law allowing illegal downloaders to go to prison. “We shouldn’t risk making the general public — including youths — the subject of criminal investigations,” said Upper House member Yuko Mori, as quoted in the Japan Times. Japanese attorney Toshimitsu Dan told IT Media that even watching a YouTube video could be grounds for arrest “if the viewer is aware that downloading [such material] is illegal.”

PlayerAttack spoke to NVIDIA about GeForce GRID. Put simply, the company's award-winning graphics cards have been redesigned to fit into a cloud-based server, meaning that video games are delivered to you on demand, just like films and other video content. You don't need any dedicated hardware or any special connections, and you don't need to wait for downloads or installing endless updates: Just plug in, open a browser and play. Virtual-Hideout have some info too.

PCPerspective meanwhile check out laptop graphics, comparing five options. These changes mean that “serious” gaming is now possible on aninexpensive laptop. But how possible? What sacrifices do you make and how do low-end IGPs and GPUs stack up against each other?

Rezin spotted these leaked documents showing the UN's Internet Power Grab. With very low visibility, a small agency in the United Nations - the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) - might be about to quietly try and regulate the entire Internet. The ITU has planned a meeting this upcoming December where each of the 193 member nations will vote on various proposed Internet regulations. What's striking is that the details of the proposals have been kept secret, so it was impossible to know what authoritarian governments were plotting or how the U.S. was responding.

NBN Co have ditched Fujitsu over concerns about rollout delays. Instead, some $183 million worth of contracts to build to new homes would be provided to Leighton Holdings subsidiary Visionstream and Service Stream, which already subcontracted to Fujitsu under the previous agreement. Meanwhile a report from IBM has projected a up-to-35% boost in revenue for Australia thanks to the NBN, by 2050, thanks JD.

The battle between Apple and Samsung has been taken to the streets. GEORGE STREET has become a war zone for mobile phone carriers with Samsung muscling in on Apple's turf by signing a lease for a new store just a block away. Under a new deal, Samsung will take over the lease of the vacant French Connection store at 450 George Street, next to Myer on the corner of George and Market streets.

iiNet have another blog continuing their earlier one about dealing with AFACT and similar rights holders. Others, however, suggested that peer-to-peer file sharing and piracy made any alternative distribution models economically unviable for the entertainment industry – especially when being forced to compete with ‘free’ models. A quick online search reveals that this argument was also aired back in the 1920s – apparently gramophone record sales couldn’t possibly compete with free radio broadcasts!

Timbot spotted an interesting article about spammers deliberately using poor English to weed out smart people. This means that the scammers can focus on the folks who are most likely to suspend disbelief and proceed to lure them into their schemes (which is an effort intensive process). Using transparent emails for the initial contact keeps the scammers from wasting time communicating with potential victims who'd see through their lies before it's too late.

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