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Monday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 25-June-2012  01:22:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sciby spotted another spinning heatsink concept, which seems to have solved some of the issues with earlier ideas. The Sandia Cooler was developed by the Sandia National Labs who do enough research to know a thing or two about how to effectively cool a computer. The most interesting aspect of the cooler is that it doesnít attach directly to the CPU using thermal paste ó which isnít possible given itís always spinning. Instead, it sits a mere thousandth of an inch above the processor, which creates whatís called an air bearing thatís actually just as efficient at transmitting heat.

Also on the cooling front, d00dz spotted this hot-water cooled supercomputer from IBM. The temperature of the fluid can be much higher than you might expect while still cooling efficiently. The Aquasar system can cool itself with a base water temperature of 45 degrees Celsius/113 Fahrenheit. At that temperature, itís perhaps better referred to as a ďwarm-water coolerĒ ó human body temperature is roughly 37C ó but itís still an improvement over using chilled water.

Alch spotted a rumour that the upcoming iPhone will have a new dock connector, thus rendering every existing accessory obselete, or at least making someone very rich when they work out how to make an adapter. Although the form factor and actual size are still unknown, TechCrunch has independently verified that Apple is working on adding a 19-pin port, replacing the current 30-pin port, to the new iPhone. It is a move that will surely send shocks through the iPhone accessory ecosystem.

Alan Turing would have turned 100 last week, and Google honoured him with a doodle. A functioning Turing machine, a representation of a computing device, is the latest Google doodle, which celebrates the birth of Alan Turing on 23 June, 1912. More info here, but I can't see where you can still play with it. More here.

On a very much related note, Wired have an article about the persecution of scientists through history. Turing isnít the only scientist to have been persecuted for his personal or professional beliefs or lifestyle. Hereís a a list of other prominent scientific luminaries who have been punished throughout history.

BusinessInsider have a list of the 30 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs Of All Time. Of all time!! These geeks have literally revolutionized the way business is carried out around the globe, or have changed the way we interact with each other on a daily basis. In the process, the richest Internet entrepreneurs have earned billions of dollars, and the powers they wield socially, politically, and economically are astonishing.

A US Judge has thrown out the Apple/Motorola cases. Noting that dismissals without prejudice allow suits to be refiled, Posner made it clear that this one would be dismissed with prejudice. "It would be ridiculous to dismiss a suit for failure to prove damages and allow the plaintiff [Apple] to refile the suit so that he could have a second chance to prove damages. This case is therefore dismissed with prejudice," Posner wrote. Posner had previously ruled that proposed testimony from experts put forth by both sides would be inadmissible, making it difficult to support any claims for damages or injunctions.

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