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Thursday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 28-June-2012  03:02:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few people pointed out an annoying Facebook email change, and what to do about it. Hey, here's something really stupid and annoying: Facebook abruptly switched everyone's default email address to the @facebook.com account you've never used. Here's how to switch back Facebook's obnoxious overreach right now. So people can actually, you know, contact you.

Researchers have made a new ultrafast wireless technology. American and Israeli researchers have used twisted vortex beams to transmit data at 2.5 terabits per second. As far as we can discern, this is the fastest wireless network ever created by some margin. This technique is likely to be used in the next few years to vastly increase the throughput of both wireless and fiber-optic networks. Twisted vortex beams sounds like something from Star Trek.

In perhaps the most pointless motorsport tie-in ever, David Coulthard has used a Mercedes-Benz SLS to catch a golf ball. Fun enough video though.

FOTW spotted Google researchers making a cat-spotting computer brain. The cat-spotting computer was created as part of a larger project to investigate machine learning. Google is planning to use the learning system to help with its indexing systems and with language translation. And SkyNet. But for cats.

Brains noticed an interesting article about the impact of tablet computing on energy use. But if people are using iPads instead of televisions to play video games, or ditching their desktop computers for iPads, the shift to tablets could mean lower overall power consumption. A desktop computer uses 20 times more power than an iPad.

Callan sent in this reliability study from Microsoft. Very interesting article on factors causing crashes failures in PCs and laptops, from a survey of over 1Million machines. Looks like laptops are more reliable than desktops, Overclocking is very bad for reliability, and underclocking increases reliability far more than one would have expected. It's from April 2011 but I imagine still relevant. Discussion here.

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