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Sunday Evening News (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 20-October-2002  22:10:19 (GMT +10) - by Torment

Optus.net is reporting that the SETI@home project director denies funding crisis. And that there were several sponsorship deals pending. More info on that over @ Optusnet.com.au (Thanks pat77).

There is a very good read (5 pages) over at MIT and the use of Holograms. It also talks about our future 3D-Displays. Well worth a read. (Thanks eluial).

The Inquirer is reporting that the new hammer chip (which is still due in Q12003) will be called the Athlon DT 3000+. More over @ theinquirer.net (Thanks Lucus).

New Scientist is reporting that the electronics company Philips has been secretly researching a new optical disc which will let your cellphone store five two-hour movies, squirrel away 25,000 digital photos or hoard 48 hours of MP3 music. More info over @ NewScientist.com (Thanks Jason)

Popular Science presents worldwide debut of Boeing's top-secret Bird of Prey. Apparently is was design and made in the mid - 1990's. Which makes you wonder what they have now. More over @ popsci.com (Thanks Type 40).

News.com.au is reporting that AMD have posted a 3 month $463 million (AU) loss to September 29th. More info over @ News.com.au (Thanks Dewey)

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