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Tuesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 8-January-2013  16:31:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

AMD are looking to address the Radeon frame latency issue via software updates - discussion here. lthough the Radeon cranked out conventionally respectable FPS averages, it often produced a number of long-latency frames interspersed throughout our testing sessions. Follow-up testing confirmed the problem isn't confined to Windows 8, and we even posted a slow-motion video illustrating the issue. We concluded that AMD has work to do in optimizing its drivers for the latest games.

Haven't heard much about Rambus for a while, but Sniper spotted them being barred from enforcing chip patents in their battle with Micron. “Rambus’s destruction of evidence was of the worst type: intentional, widespread, advantage-seeking and concealed,” Robinson concluded in a 46-page ruling. The judge said the “only appropriate sanction” was to find the patents unenforceable.

Digitrends have an interesting article about Windows 8, Steambox and the future of PC gaming. Consoles and PCs have traditionally been like oil and water. Consoles are locked-down devices that prevent you from tampering with their hardware and software, while PCs invite users to modify those aspects as much as they like. This dynamic is changing, though.

The Earth is being recreated at 1:1500 scale in Minecraft. This custom terrain was made with the help of Worldpainter and a heightmap created using the ETOPO1 global relief map. This map was then cleaned up & tweaked and thereafter biomes and forests were painted on. The suggested use for this map would be to use it as a creative map, undergroud everything is stone.

This is a few months old but I missed it originally - someone has been having fun rigging online polls. Last week, News Corporation ran a story about the shock results of an online poll that indicated over 90% of the 16,000 respondents wanted to see a raise in speed limits, despite the poll being paired with an article asking motorists to slow down in consideration for elderly drivers. Well, I have some news for you: Over 15,000 of those votes were mine.

Ubuntu are entering the smartphone war. This new version of Ubuntu will be "aimed at two core mobile segments: the high-end superphone, and the entry-level basic smartphone, helping operators grow the use of data amongst consumers who typically use only the phone and messaging but who might embrace the use of web and email on their phone. Ubuntu also appeals to aspirational prosumers who want a fresh experience with faster, richer performance on a lower bill-of-materials device."

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