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Monday Morning (6 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 28-January-2013  00:53:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

All the best to people struggling with the floods and bushfires at the moment. Stay safe!

If you've got any Jindi cheese in the fridge you might want to avoid eating it. The Victorian Department of Health has identified a ''definitive'' link between the outbreak and batches of brie, camembert, blue and other soft cheeses manufactured by the Jindi Cheese company at its Jindivick factory in Victoria, the state's acting chief health officer, Dr Michael Ackland said. ''Of course it is very bad news'' said Jindi Cheese's head cheesemaker and CEO Franck Beaurain. But he referred to the Department of Health's media statement that ''it is not possible to absolutely rule in or out a link for these deaths to Jindi''.

A law in the USA has passed, making it illegal to unlock phones, thanks Gunna. But if that's something you've done before or have thought about doing, then you should know that starting today it is illegal to unlock a subsidized phone or tablet that's bought through a U.S. carrier. Why now? Starting today, the U.S. Copyright Office and Library of Congress are no longer allowing phone unlocking as an exemption under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Tim Berners-Lee has warned against government control of the net. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee gives a speech on April 18, 2012 in Lyon, France. The inventor of the World Wide Web warned Friday that government control is limiting the possibilities of the Internet, as dozens of countries and businesses signed a cybersecurity deal at the Davos forum.

Sciby spotted this article about DNA storage. DNA is the building block of life, but in the future it may also be the standard repository for encyclopedias, music and other digital data. Scientists announced yesterday that they successfully converted 739 kilobytes of hard drive data in genetic code and then retrieved the content with 100 percent accuracy.

Lichking sent in some info on a new hardware raytracing card. When Ars Technica covered the announcement a few days ago, John Carmack himself dropped in to give his own impression of ray tracing in modern games and professional applications as compared to rasterization. According to him, the practical benefits of hardware ray tracing compared to rasterization are limited: “For any game that is not grossly GPU bound, a ray tracing chip will be a decelerator, due to the additional cost of maintaining dynamic accelerator structures… I am 90% sure that the eventual path to integration of ray tracing hardware into consumer devices will be as minor tweaks to the existing GPU microarchitectures.”

He also spotted this cool screen-expansion technology. IllumiRoom is surprisingly simple in its operation. Kinect captures the appearance and geometry of the room, and then this data is used to adapt the extra visuals that are projected against the wall and furniture around your TV.

Tweaktown checked out the new MEGA cloud storage. MEGA is a cloud storage site built on security and confidentiality. Most think this is for the users, but there is more security built into the backend to protect MEGA and it's financiers from prosecution, more so than protecting users' privacy. We'll get to that soon.

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