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Monday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 25-March-2013  18:32:35 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Federal Government is supporting a Cyber Security Challenge. CySCA is the next in the series of national cyber security competitions for university/TAFE graduates across Australia — following the success of the 2012 Cyber Defence University Challenge. Discussion here.

Meanwhile one recent cyber attack spilled over into the real world. Glancing up from my squat, I saw a Fairfax County Police officer leaning over the trunk of a squad car, both arms extended pointing a handgun at me. As I very slowly turned my head to the left, I observed about a half-dozen other squad cars, lights flashing, and more officers pointing firearms in my direction, including a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. I was instructed to face the house, back down my front steps and walk backwards into the adjoining parking area, after which point I was handcuffed and walked up to the top of the street.

EA is giving away games in apology for the SimCity dramas. Doubtless, you know about the dodgy launch servers, the poorly realised underlying structure of the game's simulation, and the whole always-online issue. To make up for what has been one of the most disappointing launches in history, EA has stepped up and offered up some free games to assauge the savage beast of gamer ire.

A new production land speed record for Australia has been set. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R has reinforced its title of “the world’s most powerful production motorcycle” by setting a new Australian Land Speed record (Production class – Outright) at Lake Gairdner, SA during the recent DLRA Speed Week. With only gearing/tyre changes and the speed limiter removed, the Kawasaki Australia supplied Ninja ZX-14R, which happens to be the first unit to roll off the production line in Japan (#0001) set a phenomenal top speed of 208.153 miles per hour (334.99 km/h) at the hands of rider Ralph Nicholls.

When they're not busy looking for the Higgs Boson etc, those people at CERN are rehabilitating computer mice. We are back!!! After the disaster early 2012, we have been able to secure new funds and are happy to annouce the reopening of the CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice on the lawn in front of the CERN Computer Centre.

Think you can improve the condom? Bill Gates has got $100,000 for you if you can. The money is being offered by the Gates Foundation by way of the Grand Challenges in Global Health Program, and is up for grabs by "anyone - students, scientists or entrepreneurs" who can improve the age-old second-skin tech.

Clem reminded me of Star Trek meets Monty Python, possibly my favourite mashup ever.

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