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Wednesday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 27-March-2013  13:03:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A Western Australian man has been swindled out of $700k by overseas scammers. The man in his 70s, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he sent the money offshore over a period of years as part of an inheritance and investment scam. The Major Fraud Squad said they alerted the man a number of times but he continued to send money overseas.

Sony's PS3 has a native YouTube app in Australia now, thanks therazza. The Google-made app was launched in North America back in August, but had been missing in action in other Sony's territories until today. The free portal is available to download from the PS3's online TV/Video services menu in 19 new countries in total. The arrival of the official YouTube app frees PS3 users from the hassle of having to access videos using the console's web browser. Discussion here.

On a related note, Gizmodo list every Aussie TV social app. TV ratings season is about to be upon us and Australiaís TV networks are rolling out the big guns when it comes to programming. This year itís all a little different, however, because every network has some form of second screen app, social app or catch-up app to get you closer to the action. Here are all the TV apps you need to stay on top of your favourite shows this year.

Google Glass is a fascinating bit of futuristic technology, but concerns continue about privacy. ''At this early stage the full implications of this technology, such as how people will use it, and for what purposes, are unclear,'' Mr Pilgrim said. The commissioner's spokeswoman said while the Privacy Act did not cover individuals, it was possible the technology could be used to breach state surveillance laws. West Virginia meanwhile are working on a driving ban for the devices.

Japan have found a rare earth metal reserve on the seabed, breaking China's monopoly. Beijing shocked the world when it suddenly began to restrict exports in 2009, prompting furious protests and legal complaints by both the US and the EU at the World Trade Organisation. China claimed that it was clamping down on smuggling and environmental abuse. "Their real intention is to force foreign companies to locate plant in China. They're saying `if you want our rare earth metals, you must build your factory here, and we can then steal your technology," said professor Kato.

Meanwhile Ubuntu could be the basis of a new national Chinese operating system. A new agreement announced today between Canonical and the China Software and Integrated Chip Promotions Centre (CSIP) has just been made which will pave the way for Ubuntu to become the new basis of Kylin. Western corporations seeking new opportunity in the East may not be such a surprise for us, but it may raise some new concerns.

North Korea are embracing technology now also. Interviews with refugees, travelers and defectors reveal that North Koreans are using illegal Chinese mobile phones, DVDs, computers and small flash drives to work around official barriers to outside information, according to a report released on Thursday.

Today's timewaster is Koutack, a deceptively simple stacking game from TheWedgie.

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