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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 29-March-2013  13:33:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ZGeek are looking for legal assistance at the moment. ZGeek is currently fighting its fourth defamation battle over comments posted in our forums. The first finished with a lol, the next two were thrown out when the person decided not to come to court. But they decided they are really are cranky at us so we need to be sued again. So here we are. If you are in the legal trade, or you know someone who is and you can ask them. Please do so! Drop me a line here.

There's a big DDoS battle going on at the moment, but it doesn't seem to be affecting Australia much. Spamhaus, a Geneva-based volunteer group which publishes spam blacklists which are used by networks to filter out unwanted email, says it been attacked by Cyberbunker, a Dutch-based web hosting site. Cyberbunker claims it has been unfairly labelled as a haven for cybercrime and spam. Since the spat flared last week a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have flooded core web infrastructure, and some experts have suggested the manufactured traffic has slowed internet services across the world.

Somebody "hacked the internet" to make a gif, pretty much. An anonymous internet user "infected" about half a million Linux computers around the world with a file which logged their internet activity and used the information gleaned to create this (ok, we admit it) rather pretty GIF. The hack was part of a project called "Internet Census 2012" which documents global internet activity.

ArsTechnica checked out the Firefox OS for smartphones. In 2011, it announced a new project called Boot2Gecko to build an operating system around its browser. Last year the project was re-branded Firefox OS, and Mozilla began preparations for a major push into the mobile phone market.

NVIDIA has sent frame-capturing tools to various websites, to see whether higher FPS leads to smoother gameplay or not. Coverage on Tech Report and PC Perspective. After returning from CES later in January, I posted another short video and article that showcased some of the captured video and stepping through a recorded file frame by frame to show readers how capture could help us detect and measure stutter and frame time variance.

Tom spotted some interesting stats about the computing power needed for modern animated films. The new 3D animated movie "The Croods" may be about a stone-aged family, but DreamWorks said it is by far its most sophisticated production to date, topping all others in compute cycle hours. The movie, out in theaters last Friday, required a whopping 80 million compute hours to render, 15 million more hours than DreamWorks' last record holder, "The Rise of the Guardians."

Today's timewaster is crumpled, a blobby platformy thing from biatch.

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