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Wednesday Night (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 15-May-2013  23:53:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

So, this Commander Chris Hadfield guy, not content with being a test pilot, fighter pilot, space shuttle pilot, the commander of the International Space Station and having a freakin' airport named after him, turns out to be a pretty good musician as well. Seriously, we have to do something. This guy is making the rest of us look like a bunch of jerks.

Meanwhile the mandatory ISP filter for Australia has been confirmed as officially dumped, saving a projected $4.5M. According to Budget 2013 papers, the government will achieve savings of $4.5m over three years by not proceeding with mandatory filtering legislation, a move announced in November.

Also mentioned in the budget are changes to NBN investment, with Turnbull saying it's been gutted and Conroy saying it's fine. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accused his Opposition counterpart of intentionally spreading “hysterical claims” in comments made this week with respect to budget treatment of National Broadband Network funding, in the latest spat between the two over the high-profile infrastructure project.

Microsoft are re-thinking Windows 8, thanks IntelInside. The tune up won't be released to consumers and businesses until later this year. The changes, part of a software package given the codename "Blue", are a tacit acknowledgement of the shortcomings in Windows 8. Microsoft isn't saying much about what the new Windows 8 will have, nor will it say whether it will charge for the upgrade. What the company will say is that it's responding to customer feedback in developing the update.

Tekin spotted this cool timewaster, a satellite view timelapse tool. Google doing time lapse photos from 1984 -> 2013. Interesting to look a urban sprawl growth over 20 years as well as some really interesting examples of glacier retreat.

Also, a google image search for atari breakout is pretty cool.

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