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Wednesday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-June-2013  13:04:36 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's growing concern over asbestos in telecomms pits being accessed by NBN Co, thanks catalyst. The presence of asbestos in the infrastructure is causing concerns in communities and among contractors working on the $37.4 billion NBN project overseen by the government-owned builder NBN Co. NBN Co is accessing the pits and ducts to roll out the fibre optic cable to support the network, after Telstra was contracted to remediate asbestos issues.

Tech Report have been overclocking Haswell. After studying Haswell's architecture and taking the chip through our benchmark suite, we gave overclocking a shot. Our findings suggest that Haswell requires beefier cooling to overclock than the previous generation, and it may have less clock headroom, as well. Fairly standard for a new architecture at launch - generally more headroom appears as the production matures.

Plans are underway in Europe to legalise net neutrality, stopping site blocking and online throttling. Speaking in Brussels today, she added: "Equally, it's clear to me that many Europeans expect protection against such commercial tactics. And that is exactly the EU safeguard we will be providing. A safeguard for every European, on every device, on every network: a guarantee of access to the full and open internet, without any blocking or throttling of competing services."

If you're tired of your office chair, try this scorpion-inspired computer workstation. The Emperor 200 is finished with a glossy auto paint. It has a heated and cooled power-adjustable seat with an adjustable leg-rest and reclines up to 30 degrees. It pumps the workspace atmosphere through a HEPA air purifier, and is equipped with built-in audio and lighting—all controlled from an embedded Windows system via a 10-inch touch screen. And a cupholder.

Researchers claim to have made a modified charger which can hack any iOS device within one minute, thanks mpot. The charger itself is fairly large — it's based on the BeagleBone, a tiny Linux PC the size of a credit card — so it's unlikely to be able to be scaled down to fit in a regular iPhone or iPad charger casing anytime soon.

Telstra have been working out how to find things that interfere with the mobile network, including a rogue beer fridge. The Herald Sun reported late Sunday night that the "rogue beer fridge" had been traced to a Wangaratta man's garage after an investigation by Telstra's operations personnel. The fridge is believed to have been interrupting mobile signals in "several neighbourhoods" of the town of 17,000, which lies about 230km from Melbourne.

Ben noticed Roomba-based robots being used to monitor datacentres. IBM has built a bunch of robots using iRobot Create, a customisable version of iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, which can move autonomously round data centres, plotting the temperature and humidity. The resulting maps can spot areas where cold air is being wasted, or hot spots are developing, so energy can be saved. A strikingly similar project is underway at EMC in India.

TheSSDReview report from Computex on a new PCIe SSD from ADATA and LSI's new SandForce controller. Where other websites were noticing the incredible 1.6TB capacity of this SSD, The SSD Review observed that it is a single chip design, LSI SandForce driven, and capable of speeds of 1800MB/s read and write with 200,000 IOPS, all in a typical notebook 2.5”design!

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