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Monday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-September-2013  09:34:26 (GMT +10) - by Grec

NBN chairwoman Siobahn McKenna has offered her resignation to the Minister of Communications, Malcolm Turnbull - And the rest of the NBN board have offered to resign as well. Following the resignation of Mr Quigley, Mr Turnbull turned his attention to Ms McKenna. He described her as having "no experience" in the telecoms sector and raised questions about whether her background as a management consultant qualified her to chair a network business.

Techreviewsource have had a close look at the new iPhone 5s, and compared it to the iPhone5c, LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5s ($199 for 16GB with contract) is a tiny phone with a lot of room to grow. It's amazing how a 4-inch, 4-ounce smartphone is now considered small, but that's the world we live in. Underneath the diminutive hood, though, lies fearsome power.

Whilst we're on the subject of the iPhones, hackers from the Chaos Computer Club in Germany have claimed that they have cracked the biometric fingerprint security - And they've got a video proving it. "We hope that this finally puts to rest the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics," CCC spokesperson Frank Rieger said in a statement. "It is plain stupid to use something that you canīt change and that you leave everywhere every day as a security token."

The Y2K bug has reared its ugly head, causing a computer glitch aboard the Deep Impact spacecraft. "Basically, it was a Y2K problem, where some software didn't roll over the calendar date correctly," said A'Hearn. The spacecraft's fault-protection software (ironically enough) would have misread any date after August 11, 2013, he said, triggering an endless series of computer reboots aboard Deep Impact.

Also on space oddities, NASA have released images of a rock formation on Mercury that looks like a certain iconic smuggler - check out the photo here.

Robot seals are being used to help dementia sufferers now, with amazing results - such as helping a man speak for the first time in two years. "We wondered whether people with dementia would throw them out and say that's just a stuffed toy," Moyle says. "I guess we were surprised by the reaction of the group in the study - they were keen to engage with the robot, look at what it was, and some of the people who were cognitively impaired would ask questions about Millie."

Blackberry has also announced that they are cutting 4,500 jobs, after losing nearly $950 million over the second quarter. The plan's necessitated by an expected Q2 2014 net operating loss of almost one billion (955-995 million) dollars, driven primarily by the lackluster sale of its BB10 phones -- the company will take a pre-tax charge of $930-960 million which can be attributed mostly to the failure of the Z10 to sell.

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