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Thursday (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 7-November-2002  21:48:56 (GMT +10) - by Torment

The Inquirer is reporting that Intel is focusing on the Overclocking/Modder MArket in the next up-coming Motherboard with the Springdale (P & G) Chipsets.

And the biggest surprise of all, according to the sources, will be a motherboard codenamed "Rapid City", which is likely to include an array of overclocking functions and come in a black PCB just to excite case modders out there.It apparently comes with ICH5, and so support for Serial ATA. And the same sources claim Intel is also showing its ideas for a "new" kind of case to prevent build up of heat. This includes a big blow hole complete with a 60 millimetre tube going directly to the CPU fan and so distributing cool air straight onto the heatsink.

On the other side of the Chip Industry, DigiTimes.com is reporting that AMD are considering extending its 2600+ XP's to 333Mhz FSB which the reported current 2700+ & 2800+ alredy have. More info on DigiTimes.com.

Looks like Palm is back, well according to HardwareZone it is. HardwareZone has a look at the new Palm Tungsten T. Which sports a new ARM processor by Texas Instruments, a dual-modeslider design and the 5-way Navigator. For more info head over to the HardwareZone.com website.

Sin22 sent us in this link which looks look Nvidia Mania's Day which talks about the NV30. Its in another language (other than English) but the pictures look great ! :)

OCAddiction have a review on the QPower Water-cooled Case with MCW40. Basically its a case with everything you need for watercooling..... more info over @ OCAddiction.com

Kerridwyn sent this in the mailbag the other day. Itís a Computer Engineered into a desk. Looks quite good from the pictures on the site (IMO), well worth a look. The Dual LCD Monitors look rather sexy as well :)

Hexus.net have a review on ABIT's IT7-MAX2 v2.0 i845PE Motherboard to have a look at. Following tradition and looking at the specifications ABIT has included all the bells and whistles in this Mobo. More info @ Hexus.net

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