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Wednesday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 4-December-2013  19:55:41 (GMT +10) - by Agg

With Amazon's drone-delivery announcement (the marketing move of the year, it seems), it's no surprise that UPS and others might have similar ideas. FedEx founder Fred Smith has spoken repeatedly about his desire to move to a fleet of unmanned aircraft, something he believes could generate major cost savings. The impediment so far has been regulators. "We have all this stuff working in the lab right now, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel," remarks Guinn.

Asher meanwhile spotted this drone-seeking drone. Serial hacker Samy Kamkar has released all the hardware and software specifications that hobbyists need to build an aerial drone that seeks out other drones in the air, hacks them, and turns them into conscripted army of unmanned vehicles under the attacker's control.

A leaked roadmap seems to suggest AMD might exit the CPU business to focus on APUs. We'd feared something like this would happen for some time now, but leaked AMD product roadmaps confirmed it that AMD FX "Vishera" is the last line of CPUs from AMD. The company will only focus on APUs from here onward, and at the very most, one could expect CPU core counts to go up from their current quad-core stale-meat since A-series "Llano," which will continue into the 2014 A-Series "Kaveri," too. Well, a grain of salt required until anything official is announced.

A new ad for the Hobbit film includes blueprints to 3D print your own props. While the ads offer standard fare like links to buy tickets and check out movie trailers, there's one particularly clever component to the campaign — viewers will be able to download 3D-printing blueprints for the Key of Erebor, a prop that should feature prominently in the second part of the Hobbit film trilogy.

John Selby contributed towards this SMH article about giving away too much on social media. An estimated 12 million Australians regularly use social media to update friends, family and followers. What many don’t realise is that tweets, posts and images are read, analysed and stored by the brands they are talking about. Social media has become big business for advertisers, helping them find ‘‘brand advocates’’ and measure opinions.

Phoronix have a 27-way NVIDIA/AMD GPU Linux roundup. Twenty-seven different AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards were tested over the past week using the latest binary Linux drivers: AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta v9.4 and NVIDIA 331.20. All testing happened from an Intel Core i7 4770K "Haswell" system running at 4.40GHz and with Ubuntu 13.10 x86_64 using the mainline Linux 3.12 kernel.

More space stuff from BlueRaven: Gamma Ray burst event believed to be "birth of a black hole" captured by Los Alamos National Laboratories robotic & computer-guided RAPTOR (RAPid Telescopes for Optical Response) system. More from Los Alamos National Laboratory here.

IntelInside sent in this story about Windows 8's lack of adoption. In the past month, Windows 8's market-share growth of 0.05 per cent was actually significantly lower than that of Windows 7 (0.22 per cent). In other words, Windows 8 is actually falling farther behind its own four-year-old predecessor even today.

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