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Thursday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 12-December-2013  14:14:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The strategic review of the NBN has been completed, and it's not exactly smooth sailing. A $29 billion blowout in the funding needed to complete the original national broadband network has forced Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to abandon election promises, admitting the company would no longer be able to finish the first stage of the network by 2016.

The South Australian Government has an ad campaign warning about young children playing gambling games, but the choice of catchphrase - "gambling starts with games" - leaves a bit to be desired. It's all a new public awareness campaign, Gambling is no game, which advises parents to "look out for online games that simulate gambling". Specifically - and despite what the advertising may have you believe - the SA Government does not believe that playing Super Mario Bros will lead you to becoming a blackjack junkie, or that spending every waking hour in Call of Duty will result in you spending your last dollar down at the race track. The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association has asked them to remove the billboards as inaccurate.

DOOM was released 20 years ago, and John Carmack looks back at how far things have come. At the stroke of midnight on December 10, 1993, an executive at id Software uploaded a file to an FTP site on the University of Washington’s network. The filename was doom1_0.zip. Thus did one of the great revolutions in the world of gaming begin—not with a spectacular launch party and a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, but with a 2MB file transfer. ArsTechnica remember it too.

TPG are aquiring AAPT, thanks Skymaster. TPG Telecom has provided its strongest indication yet that it is preparing to take on Australia’s dominant internet players, finalising a $450 million deal to buy AAPT’s business and wholesale divisions from Telecom New Zealand. The deal will provide TPG with impressive infrastructure assets, including a 11,000km fibre-optic cable network. The network extends across six Australian states and territories and connects large capital cities.

LegitReviews have a 120mm watercooler roundup. The first sealed loop unit I personally reviewed was the CoolIT Systems Pure way back in 2008, and since I have reviewed several units from Corsair, CoolIT Systems, Intel, Thermaltake and Antec. Today we are taking a look at units from Cooler Master, Scythe, and Zalman. These are all new brands to us when it comes to liquid cooling, so we can't wait to see what they have to offer.

NASA have a cool video, the first to show the moon orbiting the Earth when viewed from afar. According to NASA's Juno principal investigator Scott Bolton "if Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise said, 'Take us home, Scotty,' this is what the crew would see." It's truly an incredible sequence—the first time ever that the Moon has been captured orbiting Earth. Strictly speaking, every image of the Moon is of it orbiting the Earth.. also, Scotty doesn't pilot the Enterprise. :)

A few people have pointed out this Have I Been Pwned? website. I assume it's not simply harvesting emails..

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