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Monday Night (3 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 20-January-2014  20:30:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some CES catchup: Tech Report's big digest, parts one and two from FutureLooks, parts one and two from MegaTechNews, a new Oculus Rift prototype on Tech Report, case mods on ThinkComputers and booth babes on TechWareLabs.

Tweaktown have some tips for improving 3D print quality. In his first installment, Charles shows you how to improve print quality by installing a fan ducted to the hot end.

That kind of thing is important if you are printing chocolate. In a statement, 3D Systems said making printers that print chocolate is a good way to help the relatively new technology go mainstream. Hershey sees it as a great delivery system for its products. This is how Skynet will kill us. By giving us unlimited access to chocolate.

Telescope pioneed John Dobson passed away recently, thanks Skymaster. The long-lived master of sidewalk astronomy died peacefully on January 15th. Emerging from obscurity in 1968, he introduced simple ideas that revolutionized how amateurs make and use large reflecting telescopes.

AMD are doing well in some extreme HWBOT benchmarks. With 820 submissions in the first two weeks of 2014 alone, HWBOT Prime is currently the second most popular benchmark at HWBOT. And that means overclockers from around the world attempt to set top scores. Most of the benchers are active in the 4-core, 6-core, or 8-core categories where we see the AMD FX series doing surprisingly well compared to the Core i7 4k series. On LN2 an FX-8350 at 7.65 GHz is only slightly slower than a Core i7 4930K at 6 GHz.

Mpot sent in this article which brings a new meaning to the phrase get some spam from the fridge. Proofpoint said hackers managed to penetrate home-networking routers, connected multimedia centres, televisions and at least one refrigerator to create a botnet or platform to deliver malicious spam or phishing emails from a device, usually without the owner's knowledge.

Tensop spotted this video from 2009, about a modem from 1964. Even better than seeing it in a museum, I decide to hook the trusty Model A up and make it talk to something. After some trial and error, I manage to get it to talk to a terminal server at work and use it to connect to a linux box. It's ALIVE! So, 45 years after it's creation, this antique modem gets to send data to and from the modern Internet.

From Bastard Child: Hi guys, that dude that does artwork inside the eye of needles and on pin heads is in melb this wed for a 3 hour exhibit.

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