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Monday Evening (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 3-February-2014  20:02:41 (GMT +10) - by Agg

PM Tony Abbott's YouTube channel was temporarily suspended recently, although it seems to have been in response to user complaints. Soon after it was released, the Prime Minister's video was suspended by YouTube after social media users claimed it contained 'deceptive content'. YouTube's guidelines state videos are reviewed when "a video gets flagged as inappropriate". YouTube then suspended Mr Abbott's entire account. Discussion here.

Toshiba have bought (most of) OCZ as we know, but how will that affect warranties? In theory quite a lot as reported on ArsTechnica and Anandtech. However in Oz you're probably covered by our consumer protection laws, which will presumably result in the distributor or reseller having to wear the warranty expense. As of this writing, Toshiba is planning on honoring the full warranties for most of OCZ's high-end drives: the entire Vertex series of SSDs, most RevoDrives, and Vector-branded drives all fall under this umbrella.

Game of Thrones fans will be upset (or more likely, largely unaffected) by a deal to show it to Australians via Foxtel exclusively. As of this week you’re out of legal options. Foxtel has reportedly signed a deal with HBO which will block the show from airing through any other medium — at all — apart from DVD release, in a move which appears set to drive more Australians to downloading the show via file-sharing protocols such as BitTorrent. A few people have reminded me of this comic, which has some strong language but is very relevant.

Monash University recently became the first organisation with a brand-new top level domain. Following a lengthy application process and detailed review of the University’s technical, operational and financial capabilities, the University has successfully been approved to own and operate the .monash TLD. The New TLD Program includes applications for other globally-influential .brand TLDs such as .google, .apple and .anz, as well as other generic Top-Level Domains such as .book, .melbourne and .cpa.

If you've had a bad day at work, be thankful you didn't accidentally fill your comms room with concrete. Engineers worked through the night to clear quick-drying cement which was accidentally poured into a control room, thanks mpot.

Some AMD Kaveri APU and Mantle headlines: Frame Pacing Fixed on PCPerspective, Memory Performance Scaling and BF4 Performance on HardCoreWare, Mantle Performance Explored on Guru3D and Mantle on Catalyst 14.1 on LegitReviews.

Meanwhile AMD have an 8-core ARM server CPU. Codenamed "Seattle," the processors will be branded Opteron A-series and built on a 28nm process. The first of these will be the A1100. This will have four or eight cores based on ARM's Cortex-A57 design. This is a high performance, 64-bit ARM core, and it will run at clock speeds of at least 2GHz. The chips will have up to 4MB of level 2 cache and 8MB of level 3 cache, with both caches shared across all the cores.

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