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Tuesday Morning. (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 12-November-2002  01:22:33 (GMT +10) - by Darkness'

I want to do paintball again! Ahem.. ok...

iiNet has apparently extended its coverage to QLD. So all you 'maroons' can sign up.

Dan has taken a look at the The Loud Speaker Kit M4's. They look pretty good. He has also been busy writing about "magnetic shielding, very large hard drives, digital cameras with true RGB pixels, a network problem solution that won't work, credit card verification numbers, and the possible electromagnetic evils of water cooling pumps." He also reviewed this weird.. sphere.. thing.

There is a program out now by the name of TestLAB. It's basically a diagnostic program for your PC.

Well it seems Microsoft Office Service Pack 3 could be almost out.

Buggered? Been using the PC all day? "Researchers in Japan have scientifically documented what dwellers of Dilbertville have known for years: Prolonged daily computer use can make you sore and sap your strength, energy and motivation.". Really.. I hadn't noticed!

There is an article up on thermal measuring which looks at the problems of temperature measuring and some solutions. If you're in that kinda mood, you might wanna check out this article on how make your own Cat5e cable.

The second BMW series flick has been released. Official version here. This one's called 'Ticker'. Telstra mirror and Ausgamers mirror. This one is just as cool.

Mr Lan is an up and coming LAN in the Monash Region in Melbourne. Details and registration here. Check it out if your down there.

Apparently, AmigaOneG3-SE and AmigaOne-XE Systems are now on sale.

Panadol spotted this backyard machine-gun. Might give you something to do up there in toowoomba mate :)

King of cool (ok...) found this Formula Ford chassis F1 simulator on ebay.

There is a roundup of Swiftech HSF's here.

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