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Wednesday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 7-May-2014  15:43:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sony have a new 185TB tape, thanks shortielah. Created with the help of IBM, Sony's technology allows for tapes that can store the equivalent of 3,700 Blu-ray discs. The tape hold 148 gigabits (Gb) per square inch - beating a record set in 2010 more than five times over. Storage tapes are typically used by businesses to hold huge amounts of data for a long time.

Tech Report have more info on AMD's pin-compatible CPUs. At a press event just now, AMD offered an update on its "ambidextrous" strategy for CPUs and SoCs. There's lots of juicy detail here, but the big headline news is that the company is working on two new-from-scratch CPU core designs, one that's compatible with the 64-bit ARMv8 instruction set ISA and another that is an x86 replacement for Bulldozer and its descendants.

Meanwhile HotHardware hung out with ARM in Austin. It has been nearly a year since we visited ARM in Cambridge, UK, and the company recently held another tech day -- this time in Austin, Texas. During the three-day session, ARM covered a wide range of topics, with a primary focus on server ecosystems and next-generation mobile hardware.

OCZ Storage were interviewed by Guru3D. Many of you know that OCZ Technology has been in rough weather last year, that's up-to the point where the company needed to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy, with the purpose to be taken over by Toshiba. The SSD market is fierce and competitive, if you are your own NAND flash manufacturer then you can sell your products cheap. If you sell NAND flash to a party like OCZ, then OCZ pays a premium price, making it hard for them to actually offer a price competitive solution. In this Interview we'll ask to see what has happened over the past few months, and how it affects consumers and clients.

Tech Report also look into password management. Until the Heartbleed fiasco, I'd been using a mish-mash of alphanumeric passwords and passphrases, all stored safely in my noggin. I wasn't nearly as diligent as I ought to have been about freshening them up, but that never got me into trouble. I made sure to use long, difficult-to-crack passwords with double-digit character counts, and I tried not to use the same ones for different services.

Kingsley over at PlayerAttack has a bee in his bonnet about business vs gaming communities. We all know the business of gaming can kill the industry. It happened in the 80's and it could happen again, but is it also killing community? I've been in the games industry for the last 15 years, either running game servers at a local LAN, running a games network for a major Australian ISP, and more recently a news website and TV show. I've seen a lot of changes over the years particularly when it comes to gaming communities.

Greg sent word of Flashback in June. Flashback is a computer demoscene party hosted once a year in Sydney Australia. Computer enthusiasts come to socialise and compete in competitions such as realtime programming, graphics running on old and new computers, homebrew hardware, pre-rendered animations, graphics and music. The word "demoparty" is globally used to describe this gathering of coders, musicians, graphic artists and creative minds under one roof which share their work and compete with others.

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