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Thursday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 22-May-2014  01:39:17 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Microsoft have revealed their Surface Pro 3, thanks BM. More info here on TheVerge and here on Tech Report. Microsoft has just spilled the beans on its Surface Pro 3 tablet, and the details are really quite interesting. The company has taken a fresh approach to the Surface Pro this time around, with a stated goal of "removing the conflict" between the tablet and laptop form factors. Anandtech have a hands-on preview as well.

Telstra meanwhile has plans for a $100M wi-fi network, thanks mpot. Particularly noteworthy is the bit about bandwidth-sharing. To make up the remaining 1.9 million hot spots expected throughout Australia, Telstra will attempt to convince its home broadband customers to share a “portion” of their bandwidth with other Telstra wi-fi customers, via a new “secure” gateway, in exchange for similar access to the bandwidth of other wi-fi sharers across the country. Those who join the “wi-fi community” will be able to use their broadband allowance at no extra charge across the network of international and domestic hot spots.

Gizmodo are reporting that Tesla will build a Supercharger network here in Australia. Apparently, the company “will develop, in time, a Supercharger network in Australia.” Those Superchargers shouldn’t be expected until at least early 2015, and that’s an estimate rather than a confirmed timeframe. For anyone that buys a Model S early, the car will also recharge at public EV charging stations using the IEC 62196 standard connector, used at ChargePoint and some other privately-run installations. I didn't realise the recharging was free - interesting.

China and the USA are butting heads over cyber-spying accusations. China summoned the U.S. ambassador after the United States accused five Chinese military officers of hacking into American companies to steal trade secrets, warning Washington it could take further action, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile the FBI has discovered that if they want top-notch cyber experts, they have to allow stoners to work for them. James Comey, the FBI director, says the bureau's no-tolerance marijuana policy is hindering the hiring of cyber-security experts. Coney added that he is "grappling" with possibly changing the practice.

It's been quiet on the tech support scammer front for many months here, but they started ringing again about two weeks ago. ArsTechnica have an article on the FTC's battle with one company in India. After the call, the FTC sent Civil Investigative Demands—requests for information—to just about every US company that had done any sort of business with PCCare247: banks, credit card processors, domain registrars, telephone companies, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. In October 2012, after months of work, agency lawyers had finally assembled their case into a 15-page complaint against PCCare247 and its owner, Vikas Agrawal (sometimes spelled Agarwal).

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