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Tuesday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-July-2014  10:47:11 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Facebook scientists have been busy manipulating content on user's news feeds for a study to see if emotional states can be transmitted across a social network. It shows how Facebook data scientists tweaked the algorithm that determines which posts appear on users’ news feeds—specifically, researchers skewed the number of positive or negative terms seen by randomly selected users.

A Western Sydney electronics supplier has been raided in a crackdown on unsafe USB chargers following the death of Sheryl Aldeguer who died back in April this year whilst using an unsafe USB charger. Spokesman Matthew Myers says the supplier has been ordered to stop selling the devices and the business faces a fine of up to $87,000.

NBN Co has made significant progress expanding its fixed wireless footprint, now covering 106,000 premises, up from 27.250 premises on June 30 2013. The latest figure includes 20,000 premises in rural and regional areas across the country where the NBN is newly available, including Humpty Doo, Northern Territory and parts of the Mid North Coast, NSW.

Western Australia is considering a ban on R18+ games. An R18+ category for video game classification was only introduced last year when legislation was passed by the Federal Government. Previously, games that were found by country's classification board to be too mature for the MA15+ category were refused classification and banned for distribution.

Apple are under pressure to release a smartphone with a larger screen in Australia, with 40% of survey respondants saying they will only purchase the iPhone 6 if it has a larger screen. Apple has not announced specs for its upcoming iPhone release, expected in September-October. But it is widely rumoured that Apple will release a model with a 4.7-inch display and possibly a 5.5-inch model at the same time or in 2015. The current iPhone 5S has a 4-inch display.

Germany has decided to end its government contract with Verizon, citing concerns over spying by the NSA. The contract will expire in 2015, and the move marks a rare concrete step from Berlin following the October 2013 revelations that the NSA was spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

TweakTown have a close-up look and discussion of Crucial's upcoming DDR4 memory. Things are heating up in the DDR4 arena as we get close to the actual release. Let's take a look at two different sets of DDR4 memory by Crucial.

Intel has announced further details of the next generation Xeon Phi processor, the Knights Landing. With last year focusing on the heart of the beast, Intel is spending ISC 2014 explaining how they intend to feed the beast. A processor that can move that much data is not going to be easy to feed, so Intel is going to be turning to some very cutting edge technologies to do it.

The world's first handheld x-ray gun, the Mini Z, has been created by American Science and Engineering which can be used to search for explosives, guns and drugs in inaccessible places. The company said that it took them seven years to miniaturise the technology into a 9-pound handheld device. The gun can be used to scan cramped environments, such as the interior of a boat, or a wall to look for hidden drugs.

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