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Friday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 4-July-2014  05:46:16 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Facebook are apologizing for the news feed manipulation pschology experiment, saying it was "poorly communicated", however the Information Commissioner's Office is said to be investigating the stunt to see whether they have mishandled the private data of those affected.

Lindsay Lohan is apparently suing Rockstar Games over her likeness to a character in GTA V. Whether or not Lohan has a case she's able to win here is hard to say, because this could be considered parody which companies and people are allowed to create - at least within reason.

Benchmark Reviews has a look at Steam In-Home Streaming. Steam In-Home Streaming is a new feature that allows you to play games in a low-end computer anywhere in your home as long as you are connected to the same network as your gaming computer.

Sony are recalling one of their latest Vaio Flip hybrid laptops for fire and melting issues. Full story here. The Vaio Flip laptop-tablet convertible came in silver, black, and pink, had an 11.6-inch touch display, and was sold in stores nationwide and online for around $800 between February and April.

TweakTown have been playing with three Intel 4790K Devil's Canyon chips with C0 steppings and seeing how high they can be clocked. The processor was designed specifically for overclocking and features a 4.4GHz TurboBoost speed, HyperThreading, as well as knobs to adjust everything from cache speeds to BCLK dividers.

Andrew sends in news about Paypal recently freezing $275,000 worth of donations to ProtonMail, an e-mail encryption tool, beacause a PayPal representative told the company, the American payment service is not sure if ProtonMail is legal. The email company also told the Daily Dot via Twitter that it "will not re-enable PayPal payments until we receive clear assurances from PayPal there will not be a repeat of this incident."

Google has been forced to delete a link to a factually accurate BBC article about Stan O'Neal, the former CEO of Merrill Lynch. O’Neal led the bank in the mid-2000s, a period when it became dangerously over-exposed to the looming mortgage crisis. When the crisis hit, Merrill’s losses were so great the bank had to be sold to Bank of America.

Tsk tsk, apparently a fan has been found in HP's advertised "fanless Chromebox" If you look at the promotional materials HP is distributing, however, the Chromebox is being pushed as a device that has “silent operation of the fanless design.” HP also uses this feature to promote no dust build up inside the machine..

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