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Wednesday Afternoon (13 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 9-July-2014  16:15:16 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Google now has a Video Quality Report page on Youtube, that suggests why your video might be buffering. More info also here on Gizmodo on how Australian ISPs are fairing in the results. The page also offers a comparison between other ISPs in your area, and it ranks providers as either "HD Verified," "Standard Definition," or "Lower Definition" based on the average performance they achieve on YouTube.

Data retention laws are still getting pushed on Australians with NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione saying "Australians will have to sacrifice some of their privacy expectations in order to stay safe from terrorist attacks and criminal activity". Data retention laws would require internet service providers and telcos to collect and store information about their customers' internet habits in order to help identify potential security risks.

A group of teenagers from Warrnambool have set a world record for the longest time playing a racing game, by playing Mario Kart almost 36 hours straight, and I'd say its going to get broken pretty quickly. According to the official guidelines, only one person had to be playing at any one time and the team got a 10-minute break for every hour they played. Harry said they chose to all play at once and he even decided to save up his breaks, at one stage playing 15 hours straight so he could have a well-earned sleep.

A Samsung Factory has been robbed in Brazil, where $36 million worth of laptops, tablets and smartphones were stolen. Police are currently investigating and believe that the heist was an inside job due to the knowledge the robbers had of the location of the stolen electronics and the access they had to the factory.

VIA is coming back to the x86 processor industry, with it's new Isaiah II chip set to take on Intel Bay Trail and AMD Kabini. VIA is expected to launch the first chips based on Isaiah II in late-August, 2014. VIA is hedging its bets with efficient compact PCs, kiosks, and digital signage, with its new chip.

It may be worth holding off on any new car or electronics purchases, with Australia on the verge of signing a free trade agreement with Japan which is designed to provide Australia with "valuable preferential access" to Japan's $4.9 trillion economy. A delegation of the head of Japanese industrial giants Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Nippon Steel and NEC — whose companies’ market capitalisation is nearly equal to the gross domestic product of Denmark will also arrive in Australia for the signing of the agreement and Mr Abbott has said it will lead to greater job opportunities in Australia.

Google AdWords will no longer accept ads that "promote graphic depictions of sexual acts". Some have speculated that the changes signal hard times ahead for the porn industry, as many companies such as PayPal, Amazon, and Chase Bank have started to disassociate themselves from clients who work in the adult entertainment industry.

A Bill Gates' backed foundation MicroCHIPs, currently have a wireless birth control implant chip in development. The team needs to figure out how to effectively encrypt the microchip to stop hackers from turning the baby switch on and off at whim.

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