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Thursday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 7-August-2014  15:29:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Yesterday I mentioned the Cryptolocker variant targeting Synology NASs, and today in the forums |Renegade| has detailed his experience with network shares being encrypted. I thought I'd share this little story with the teams out there in Corporate IT land. May I hope that you avoid this issue entirely and that you catch it quicker than we could.

The BBC meanwhile have some good news for Cryptolocker victims. The malicious program encrypted files on Windows computers and demanded a substantial fee before handing over the key to the scrambled files. Thanks to security experts, an online portal has been created where victims can get the key for free. The portal was created after security researchers grabbed a copy of Cryptolocker's database of victims.

Attorney-General George Brandis has fairly spectacularly failed to explain the data retention scheme. Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the policy would capture "the sites youíre visiting". But his office later clarified this was not the case and that this would require a warrant. Now Senator Brandis has confused matters again, telling Sky News that web addresses would be captured by his proposal to strengthen the powers of law-enforcement and intelligence agencies. After repeated questions over whether the sites people visited would be captured, he conceded they would be, but confusingly contradicted himself by saying his policy wouldnít extend to web surfing.

AMD are apparently going to enter the SSD market. The AMD SSD is part of a partnership with Toshiba, which recently bought out the bankrupt OCZ Technology SSD maker. Much like the DDR memory deal, it looks like the partner is doing all the heavy lifting while AMD puts its name on it.

Gizmodo have an interesting article about whether downloading movies is illegal or not. Unlike some, I donít support the notion that if a movie, TV show or album is too expensive, itís ok to download it. In the same way as itís not ok to sneak into a cinema or a gig if I donít like the ticket price. Weíre talking about entertainment here, not a lifesaving drug which a patent owner is refusing to make. But, despite what the copyright ownersí associations would have you believe, copyright infringement by downloading for personal use is not theft and itís not a crime. Hereís why.

NZ motorcycling legend Burt Munro has broken another record - 36 years after his death. His astute son John realized a mathematical error was made on one of Burtís runs. It was for the AMA Land Speed Record in Classs S.A. 1000 on the 26th Day of August, 1967, on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. It was achieved on an Indian 953cc Fuel Streamliner. The old record was listed at 183.586 mph.

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