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Friday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 3-October-2014  11:40:10 (GMT +10) - by Agg

PaGeY sends word of a USB firmware vulnerability that is now in the wild. Don't plug strange USB sticks into your computers. Don't do it. A pair of hackers just made public the code for super scary malware that takes advantage of a fundamental flaw in USB firmware. They didn't do this to be mean, but you can be sure some evil hackers will use it to be mean.

Police in Dubai will be getting Google Glass soon. The spokesman confirmed a report in Dubai's 7 Days newspaper that software developed by Dubai police would enable a connection between the wearer and a database of wanted people. Once the device "recognized" a suspect based on a face print, it would alert the officer wearing the gadget.

Next time you want to re-enact the beginning of a Mission Impossible episode, you can use a self-destructing SSD. Text message is just one way the data held on Secure Drives' devices could be erased. Removing the drive from a PC, failing too many PIN prompts, a low battery level, or activating a "tap-to-destroy" function on a touchscreen "token" accessory will also see the data irrecoverably deleted. The drives even have their own built-in GSM access. If the signal goes quiet for too long, the drive is destroyed.

TechSpot are doing a "History of the PC" series, and it seems they're up to part 3. The only remarkable thing about the product that revolutionized the personal computing business was the fact that IBM built it. If any other company of the era built and marketed the IBM Personal Computer Model 5150, it might be looked back on with fondness but not as a product that changed an industry.

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