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Wednesday Afternoon (9 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 8-October-2014  15:57:27 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Australia's second lunar eclipse this year is happening tonight. The eclipse means that our planetís Moon will almost disappear from view, as the light it usually reflects from the Sun will be blocked by the Earth. What you will see is a blood red globe, as light bends around Earthís atmosphere on its way from Sun to Moon.

mpot sends in news regarding Belkin routers having issues connecting to the internet this morning. While their devices were connecting to their Wi-Fi networks and their modems were connecting to their ISPs, the router and modem seemed to be suffering from communication breakdown. After dealing with angry customers all day, Belkin said late Tuesday afternoon it had solved the problem and restored internet service to all of its customers.

HP appears to be planning on splitting itself into two companies, one focused on PCs and Printers and the other on corporate hardware, software and services. HP also has about $20 billion in debt and over $14 billion in cash and investments. It will be interesting to see how management splits those between the two companies..

Samsung is spending $14.7 billion on a new chip facility in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, creating 150,000 jobs, equal to about of a third of the city's population. The plant in Pyeongtaek will make either logic or memory chips, Samsung Electronics said, adding that a final decision had not been made yet.

Investigative Journalist Nicky Hager's house has been raided by police to apparently flush out the hacker that downloaded Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater's e-mails. Five police officers arrived early in the morning with a search warrant and spent more than 10 hours searching the property. Mr Hager said he spoke to the officer over the phone, who told him he was a witness in the case, rather than a suspect.

Windows 95 has been loaded onto Android Wear. There's a video of it running here. It turns out that Android Wear isnít as far off from normal Android as I thought Ė with some caveats, itís possible to install plain Android apps manually. So I published a video of Minecraft Pocket Edition on my watch, which became somewhat popular. Iíve made a few more videos since then, my most popular one (currently) being a demo of Windows 95.

Kano has released a DIY Raspberry Pi-based computer kit, that teaches kids how to code and assemble their own very own Kano. Based on Linux, Kano OS is kid-friendly through and through, with a leveling system that rewards users as they modify games like Snake, Pong, and even Minecraft. You can change the way games behave by experimenting with "Kano Blocks," which look like puzzle pieces to the user, but actually spit out real Python code based on what you do with them.

Bearded iPhone users are complaining their facial hair is getting caught in their iPhone 6. Jokers are having a field day, with the Twitter account of the Atlanta International Fashion Week speculating that it may be an elaborate plot against hipsters for whom facial hair has become de rigeur. Another user tweeted: "Congrats, Apple, for finally getting hipsters to shave."

The 2014 Noble Prize for Physics has been awarded to an American and two Japanese Scienctists for inventing the blue LED - the missing piece that now allows manufacturers to produce white-light lamps. The arrival of such lamps is changing the way homes and workplaces are lit, offering a longer-lasting and more efficient alternative to the incandescent bulbs pioneered by Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison at the end of the 19th century.

Alongside Telstra, Optus have also now announced the launch of its new 700MHz and 2600MHz spectrum to bring 4G services to even more locations around the country over the next six months. While many mobile devices on the market currently support the 2600MHz spectrum, only four are currently compatible with 700MHz - specifically the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G3, and the HTC One (M8).

Telstra have also announced that phishers are already trying to trick customers into handing over personal details by emailing them saying they need to update their billing details as a result of the introduction of 700MHz based 4G services, also offering a free iPhone 6 Plus to the first 100 customers that re-enter their billing details.

Facebook are now using your last known location to target ads specifically to your location, right down to the shop you just walked past. Facebook says it will not identify the users by name to advertisers. And if location services arenít enabled on the phone, the location-based ads wonít appear, Facebook says.

A $100 million program has been launched to improve the 6000 mobile black spots around Australia that have been identified by the Federal Government.

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