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Tuesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 14-October-2014  13:30:51 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Google Hypochondriacs will be happy to know that Google are testing live video chats with doctors, via their web search. The trial, which is only being offered to a small number of users, is currently free to users as part of Google's Helpouts live video chat advice service.

Samsung is claiming their 60GHz Wi-Fi technology will be able to reach data speeds of up to 4.6Gbps or 575MB/s. Theoretically, Samsung points out, a 1GB movie would take "less than three seconds" to transfer between devices. That's assuming a best case scenario where everything else is working perfectly, but even so, it's pretty awesome.

98,000 Snapchats have been leaked from snapsaved.com last week. On Sunday, a collection of almost 98,000 files (totaling more than 13GB of photos and videos), apparently from Snapchat users, were posted to The Pirate Bay less than 24 hours after someone claiming to be the perpetrator said he had changed his mind and decided not to publish the photos.

From forum member philscomputerlab: Phil is my name, or philscomputerlab at OCAU. I'm heavily into retro PC gaming and there is this PC game: Far Cry from 2004, now celebrating its 10 year anniversary. I made a video covering the game and outlining how to get it going, and tweak it, on modern computer. Forum discussion here.

There an interesting article on Gizmodo on How Computer Chips Work. A modern microprocessor is a tremendously complicated entity, and it has taken decades of work by thousands of people to get it where it is today. Itís nearly impossible to cover all the bases, but Iím going to try anyway. And get a bucket of popcorn ready ó because this is going to be long.

A senate inquiry hears calls for a crackdown on 3D printed guns. The ACC said it had not yet been informed of any cases of criminals using 3D printed guns in Australia. However the agency did concede that decreased costs and advances in technology could see 3D printed firearms becoming more of an issue in the coming years.

The RSPCA, councils and other law-enforcement agencies can obtain reporter Ben Grubb's internet and phone metadata but Telstra won't release it to him. Here he details his 15-month fight for access.

New lithium ion batteries have been developed by Nanyang Technology University that can reach a 70 percent charge in two minutes. The trick is using titanium dioxide nanotubes for the anode (the negative pole) instead of graphite; they both speed up the battery's chemical reactions while offering 10,000 charging cycles instead of the usual 500.

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